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If There Was No Internet

with the current black out of wiki,google, and other sites, it got me wondering... WHAT IF THE WHOLE FUCKING INTERNET WAS BlackED OUT?!?!?!    lets say for one week. How will it affect people?  thoughts?


I think Americans politicians are fucked for passing that stupid law. I get people have the right to make money etc. But they are going about it all wrong.

This is law over compensates for lack of computer knowledge.


It wouldn't effect my actual workflow and client relationships. But since the display of samples of my work on my agent's site is an avenue through which potential clients find me, it could have a devastating effect long term.


You know at first I thought to myself - 'that's ok. I'd put Steam into offline mode and play some single player games I've got unfinished and we'd go to Blockbusters for our movies', but then realised this would mean no trolling for a whole fucking week!

Not sure how I'd handle that.

No T-Vixens. No 'So Tattooed' and Nards Facebook updates. No wise words from ID or battlecries from our resident Viking (yea buddy, I even capitalised that there!)

No Suicide Girls.

No quick check on Wiki so I can pretend I know what I'm talking about...

fuck...it would be awful. I would actually take the week off work and just go camping up in the highlands or something.


My putting game would improve exponentially and I'd read way more books.

In the evening I'd pay more attention to the shows I watch.


Porn Mag sales would go through the roof, would be a wise investment in stock options.


We used to tear porn mags apart and sell individual pages for a quarter in Jr. High. Back then it took like 30 minutes to download a naked woman so the internet was not a viable porn source yet.

Hell, a gas station with a porn rack would be big business.


Man....I so would've blown my lunch-money on porn back in HS.


It would affect me little.

I'm with Derek though, it would probably send porn sales through the roof.

Also, actual retail establishments would benefit I think.


Damn right. We earned like five dollars per day, which let us run the baseball card trading racket too. And we could buy a "double trey" at lunch.

Andy's dads porn collection was never the same though.


I posted this in the original thread in PWI


You'd be wrong.


Maybe it would make people realise there's a world outside their home


I'd be fucked. My occupation and livelihood is totally dependent on the internet.


But Token there is a world out there. You could be a stock clerk at Cosco, why spend all that time and money getting a career in IT.


ok, if the Internet stopped for a week, I'd be fucked, my work depends on it, I rely on it to stay in touch with family and friends etc. If the World Wide Web was blacked out however my productivity would probably go through the roof.


I don't know about the internet actually being 'switched off' for a week, but when Cat n I went to Bermuda last summer, and I couldn't use my cel phone (I'm online constantly!), it really weirded me out for the first couple of days. She even made a few cracks about how it was probably the longest I'd gone without logging on here in years.

What I do realize though, is that often times, I'll email, or text people because it's quicker (no long conversations) than actually making a phone call... are we all becoming less social because of online social media outlets?



I think the internet has done a nice job of that itself.


Yes. Most people don't know how to have an actual conversation with another human being, face to face anymore.


Here's how it would be for some people if the internet went down: