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If That Ain't Country!


Some of my favs, feel free to contribute.

Willie Nelson - Whiskey River

Johnny Cash - Orange Blossom Special

Tammy Wynette - Stand By Your Man

David Allan Coe - You Never Even Called Me by My Name

will continue in a bit...


I love me some country music.



Don Williams Tulsa Time/Til the river runs dry

Merle Haggard Mama Tried

DAC The Ride


David Allan Coe is a pretty badass singer...and insane. A friend of mine was the lead guitarist for a fairly successful "country rock" band during the 70's. One night at a big music conference in Houston, him DAC and a bunch of other people were partying in my buddy's hotel room raising lots of hell...DAC got super drunk and belligerent/started waiving a knife around and decided he wanted to bang my buddy's girlfriend....things got pretty hairy real fast. lol


Oh, you mean REAL old school country! Hells yeah!

Whew! I thought I was gonna see a bunch of vids of today's "cuntry" music.

And I don't care how cute Shania Twain is. That's not country. It's crap.


One of my favorites....who'd have thought the French accordion could sound so good?!?!?


Am I ghey if I kinda like that new Sugarland song?


The iconic voice of John Conlee.

The old folks in this video certainly enjoy Mr. Conlee as well.

John Anderson on Hee-Haw (I miss that show).

Wild and Blue...


I've always like this one...


Junior and Tre are just fine but you need Senior for a real classic

Sappy Tearjerker for ya?

Maybe all the good ones are sad...

Here's Social D's version of same:


Emmylou Harris, nice!


Burl Ives - Ghost Riders in the Sky, wow.

Johnny Horton, classic


One of my favorite Johnny Cash songs-

Can't believe no one's posted Patsy Cline yet-

Took me years to appreciate this guy-

Hank Sr-

Wouldn't consider him a pure country artist, but John Prine wrote one of the all time great country songs. This is my favorite version-

Here's Susan Tedeschi's cover-

I love this song-


i could listen to this stuff alllll day


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Can't never go wrong w/Waylon.


Trying to keep outlaw country alive.


Nice picks push & print, that was a lot of p's.


The Highwaymen are so cool.