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If Test Level Keeps Rising on TRT


...would this indicate that my SHBG was within normal range prior to TRT?

The readings keep increasing, sitting at 42nmol/l now, previous reading was 34nmol/l

Been on TRT(Tostran gel)for three years...

Many thanks..


Transdermal absorption is typically around 10%. So a small change in absorption is a larger relative change. So conclusions are tricky.

Liver function can change. Fat loss can lower E2 decreasing SHBG.

If E2 decreases, SHBG could decrease. Testosterone also depresses SHBG.

Any progress on E2 management from your other thread here.
You should not create multiple threads - so we do not need to go on an easter egg hunt to find out what you have posted elsewhere.


Hi, it's been a while but I have some new blood results back today from doc..

Test level 46.3nmol/L so again it is up, but to try and get E2 down i was supplementing with a product called Elim1nate...I told my Endo this as was desperate to get E2 down....he said ok we'll take these bloods and then take more in Jan 2016 when this supp is out of your system...so now waiting to get bloods done again as been off Elim1nate since these results were taken.

E2 188pmol/L this came down from about 312 pmol/L i think...whilst on Elim1nate..

SHBG 28nmol/L within range (15-48)

No erections still unless on viagra....no morning erections, unless from the viagra taken the night before...

Any views? My gp is scratching her head to be honest.....



You want to get near E2=80pmol/L, E2=22pg/ml

Did you look at my prior post?


Hi, thanks for quick response K Sman firstly...

Do you mean 20 pg/mL or 73pmol/L?


Yes you do :slightly_smiling: as I've read your reply on another post i made...I've lowered my dose of the Tostran gel by 20% since last Sept 2015 so new bloods will show where both my T and E2 levels sit now...hoping Endo will prescribe me an anti-E to try and get that sweet spot around the 20 pg/mL range and see what happens..

Unfortunately I have to stick with the gel, i feel good and energy is great....just erections aren't happening.....oh and the viagra takes 5 hours to work now, and PE is a real issue too..


E2=22pg/ml or 80pmol/L

Editing above too.


Right, managed to get hold of Arimidex (Dr won't prescribe it)and have been consuming 0.25mg every other day for two weeks now.....no real change, should I give it more time?

Lowered the gel dosage and Test free level came back at 32 nmol/l....the Dr won't give me the E2 reading(can you believe?)but it must be still high because he's asking me just to lower the gel usage yet again :/....I'm desperate to sort this as you can imagine..



LEF.com blood work sale on now.

When anastrozole dose is close, good effects are seen in 5-7 days if they are going to happen.


Thanks K Sman, I appreciate all your help.....

Well, I think I'm now feeling a change, libido is up and although I'm not getting too carried away just yet this alone has given me a big lift...seven days in to starting the Arimidex, I will keep you posted..

Just think, my gp over here said they don't test for E2 whilst on TRT.....they haven't a clue seriously..


Nice progress!

In USA? You can order your own labs on the WWW.
LEF.com has blood work on sale now.

Labs represent what you were doing. Keep protocol steady for your labs so you know that they represent.
Give things time to settle. If you are feeling good, you can wait in comfort.


No from the UK, bloodwork is quite expensive, on our National Health Service a full panel would be out of the question, they have total control of the labs and like I've said I'm having to try and take on this high E2 on my own via the WWW...a huge shortage of GP's over here - I've been waiting since last September regarding controlling my E2, I've had enough and here I am self administrating Arimidex....(the adjusting of Tostran gel dosage isn't working, this is how reluctant they are to prescribe an E2....cost etc..)

I'm going to sit and be patient on 0.25mg e3d and monitor...that may need adjusting, I've read and understand not to go too low on E2 but to find that sweet spot..

Thanks again..


Right, I'm back, I so wish I wasn't if you know what I mean....:slight_smile:

No real change, taking 0.25mg of Adex e3d, but without viagra no erections...well, morning erections can be there but 60-70% strength...but during the day, even when relaxed and turned sexually on with my lady.....nothing....it's torture

Just one other thing, I have varicose veins in my legs, had them for a while but not in my prime of my 20's and early 30's...any connection to erection problems as in this being a circulation problem? Or high E2 can cause this is men? Have you any experience of this?


So, would you up the dose of Adex to 0.5mg e3d? Or stay with 0.25mg but consume every other day?


Any advice K Sman please?