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If T-Nation Was Its Own Country...

I was thinking today when I was zoning out in english class, what it would be like if the T-Nation had its own country to reproduce and stuff. I kept thinking about it later how human genetic poetential would accelererate.

Here were some of my thoughts:
-Invade colorado.
-Invite all the olympians at the training center to our country
-Make an application for people to get in
-Make super kids with the best genetics of males and female athletes and lifters.

Am I just being moronic, or is this something interesting to think about?

Just ease up with the whole breeding for the best genes stuff.

It may be interesting… but its not gonna happen.

search the archives for “Nazi Germany”

[quote]hockechamp14 wrote:
If T-Nation Was Its Own Country…[/quote]

It would suck. The majority of members are not as commited and experienced as some may assume, the male to female ratio would warrant such a country to be positioned on brokeback mountain and aside from being into muscle, do we really have that much more in-common to start a nation? Hell no. It’s only enough to start a club. And T-Nation.com is already a club.

[quote]Testy1 wrote:
search the archives for “Nazi Germany”[/quote]

Or “sausage fest”.

I think it would be fun. Every weekend they could bus in some trolls and let the regular town folk rip them to peices.
There would be an MMA training center with one real fighter and about a gazillion wall flowers, and at the town hall, political discussions would turn in to a blood bath.

Sure, why not?

[quote]Sabrina wrote:

Or “sausage fest”.

That’s kinda what I was thinking.

I heard they had cute gymnasts at the olympic training center… er… most are pre-pubescent due to drugs, aren’t they…