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If Ron Paul Run's as an Independent??


So I know he has little chance of winning the republican nomination, but for all of you anyone but obama people. You do realize if he does not win the nomination and runs as an independent. Obama wins, no other candidate would even have a prayer, because of the votes he would take with him.

Not that I am a Ron Paul worshipper, was just thinking about this when someone mentioned he would probably run as an independent if he didn't get the nomination.

Any other thoughts.


It would be interesting...interesting in the fact that although he is a running as a "Republican"; he has disdain for both parties and government in general.

I think that Newt was dead wrong when he said at one of the debates that everyone on stage was "united" in beating the President; because Ron Paul appears (IMO) to not be part of the "anybody-but-Obama" crowd.

Will he run as an independent?

I'm really not sure.

I'd love to hear what his supporters think.



He loses either way. But he won't run as an independent, anyways. He'll have had his chance to talk about the fed and foreign policy. After this, the Ron Paul as pres. stuff is done.


He won't run as an independent. If he did though it'd mean another term for Obama, no doubt.


That alone would be worth it.

As long as the Republicans insist on this empire/ warondrugs/ religious nutjobbery they wont go anywhere anyway.


He's not going to win. All he can do is get as much exposure as possible and inject ideas of liberty into the debate, plant the intellectual seed so to speak. It will take time to germinate, but I believe that liberty will win on the other side of the crisis.