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IF Question


Hi all ,

I've found plenty of older threads and posts on IF, and they've really piqued my interest. However, I haven't seen anything specific to my question. I'm trying to figure out when to make my 8 hour feeding window in a 16 / 8 plan. I want to make the 8 hours the same all 7 days of the week. My problem is I work 6pm to 4am 4 nights a week. On my 3 days off I'm usually on a "normal" schedule so as to spend time with the family, etc. Right now I work out M W F anywhere between 10am and 2pm. I plan to switch to M Tu Th F in a couple months, same times. The workout is usually closer to 1pm, but it does vary.

Anyway, can anyone suggest a preferred feeding time? My thought is to train fasted and eat 4pm to midnight. When I'm working I'm often too busy to eat properly after 12 anyway. And that way when I'm off work I could go to bed after my last meal. The problem there is I'd have a long wait to eat when I woke up early on a day off. Sorry for the run on paragraph here, and I hope it makes sense. Thanks in advance for any suggestions.


it really just all comes down to what fits your lifestyle.

Remember as well that if you only fast for 14 hours one day, or have a 9 hour feeding window sometime it's really not going to matter when the dust settles.


Thanks! Just the man I was hoping would reply! Ima start Monday since its my day off. That way I can experience the super long fasting period after I wake up lol.


Are you intentionally training fasted? Just curious, as that's what everyone thinks is a HUGE component of IF, when in reality Berkhan's Leangains site says he's preferred method is 1 pre-WO meal. Just saying to let you know, if you want to IF, training fasted is in no way something that's part of the eating style inherently.


I don't currently train fasted, but in order to train at 1pm and eat from 4 to midnight I'll have to. If anything I'll have a half scoop of protein powder (60 kcal) before and after. And I'll only do that if I find its really beneficial. I'd prefer to take BCAAs before and after, but they're not currently in the budget.


In all honesty, it would be easier to change your windows on the days you work compared to the days you're off. It shouldn't hurt and you should be able to intertwine them. It could actually benefit you in doing so.


that's a really good point. Really, you'll get all the benefits of fasting if you skip breakfast for a few hours and keep the earlier part of your day carbless (carbs post-workout or at least just around the workout).