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IF Question

I’m using IF for fat loss. Would it be advantageous to limit your eating window to a single large meal on non training days?

Maybe. But its probably unnecessary. The one thing you should be learning from IF is that Calories are King. Its not going to make a significant difference if you eat 1,2 or 3 meals on off days provided the calories equal out the same. I personally find 2-3 meals on off days is easiest and most satisfying.

[quote]Gl;itch.e wrote:
Maybe. But its probably unnecessary. [/quote]

thanks guys


its advantageous if you feel it helps you keep to your calorie cap and you enjoy a meal that large. I generally end up eating all my calls on an off day in 1 prolonged meal from 5pm-8pm. Sloooww eating while doing homework and watching a show or two.