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IF Plan, Will This Work?


Is a 14/10-fast/eat enough? I stop at 9pm, and get real hungry about 11am..

PLUS, does the first meal matter? I'm carb-cutting.. favorite thing to eat is a 16oz tub of cottage cheese at the 11am starting point, is that a bad idea?


what are your goals? cut, recomp, gain?


Are you trying to lose weight? If so, why?


Mainly a body recomp, @ ~18% bf, I could stand to lose quite a bit. Sick of the flab. Got a good workout plan, now just trying
To fine tune nutrition


is that picture old then?


Actually no...I took it sat or sun? The bf I'd from a home scale that measures electric impedence or whatever, so it may be a little innaccurate.


If you are 18% in that picture its because you have 20 pounds of fat and weigh 110.

Try gaining 80 pounds of muscle over the next 10 years and boom! 10%.


Your scale is garbage. You're at least half the bf% of what the scale says. 14 hour fast vs 16 hours shouldn't make a huge difference. Your hunger and salivary output will follow the meal times you've entrained. It takes only a couple days to "reschedule" my hunger pangs, but like I said 2 hours isn't a big deal, so do what's comfortable and try not to stress about it.

The cottage cheese is a good way to end the feast because of the delayed gastric emptying for better satiety and long term amino acid release. Training times usually correlate with the beginning of the feast where fast acting protein and carbs are used while the physiology is favorable for muscle. Right after that cottage cheese would be fine though.

I'm assuming you'll be consuming 20% over on work days and 20% under on rest days? I won't stop you from recomping, but I wouldn't be afraid to find the level where you're gaining 2 pounds/month (if you're looking to minimize the fat). If you're actually 18% then you probably have really fat feet.


LOL. You are way below 18% BF.


i thought it seemed high..what a piece of shit scale... either way, i think it's too high, i want the "lines" that real lean guys have..
but i'm 5'11" 190lbs at the moment, i wouldnt mind gaining 5 lbs. of recomp, 195 @ 9-11%bf would be awesome.. hopefully IF can get me there!

thanks for all the feedback as well, especially on the cottage cheese! haha love that shit.
will post progress pics.


Your 190 in that picture? Holy shit that must be the worst camera angle shot I've ever seen if youre not lying.




Not sure what you're saying, nor am i sure why i'd lie.. i've got a short torso, and thick legs. most my weight id say comes from below the waist.


Those scales tend to produce results 8% high for someone who has gained some real muscle through weight training. That means if it reads 18% and you are 5-11 and 190 you are at 10% BF right now. Do you have 26 inch thighs or some kind of massive hernia that we can't see?

If you are 5-11 and 190 and at any rate no more than 6 weeks from super lean, why cut up now. Are you happy with the size? Regardless of scale weight, you have got at least 20 more pounds of muscle in you and that is going to take a lot longer than cutting 4-6 pounds to take you to 7.5%. And its odd to read that you are disgusted by your flab.


Now i'm just purely curious as to what % ya'll think im at... don't know how to pose, forgive my look of retardation.


my arms...not so huge, workin on it


attempt at dble-bi's


i feel like i carry the fat all in the "spare tire" region. Maybe im being super-critical, but i feel like there is a layer i could "remove" to further expose abs, lower back, and other "definition" in general..hence the want to "recomp" i'm all for gaining some more weight, as long as it's clean.

my legs are relatively thick...not monstrous


Yea you're quite lean enough.

You can do IF for gaining muscle too. So why don't you give that a try?


You're lean enough mate, my guess is you're about 9-10% in those pics. Pile on a few more pounds of muscle and get some colour and you'll look real good imo.