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If Our Leaders Can't Stop a Disaster...


...then what leads us to believe that those same people can fix it?

All these Harvard economists and people with degrees out the ass COULD NOT STOP the economic meltdown we had. Is it logical to conclude that they could now repair the damage?

I should add that BHO has a Harvard Law degree and is obviously very bright. Does anyone here think that he can fix it? Then, he doesn't take office until January 20th. What about the time in between now and then? No one will listen or implement anything from Bush. Three months of basically no leadership...

We're in for a depression.


(DANG, HH! It's beginning to seem like I'm STALKING you! But I'm not!)

Any truly "smart" Economist (or just a guy like Ron Paul who uses a little common sense), KNEW that this economy was a stack of cards waiting to fall. Eventually, the reality of the marketplace will catch up with you and bite you in the ass.

NO one person, or GROUP of people are going to be able to "fix" this by artificial means, whether their names are McCain, Obama, Palin or Biden.

At this point the market has to "reset"; we have to reinstitute sound economic and accounting principals (little things like granting mortgages to people who can afford them); there has to be reasonable oversight; and the Government should be involved as little as possible.

(Like THAT is going to happen).



The laughable part of this is how all these leaders pledge to cooperate and stop the 'apocalypse'. These are people who would come to blows about picking up the check at a dinner party and argue how much of a tip to leave.

Every politician gets elected by protecting those in his/her domain. How far would Merkel get if she, for ex, helped the French if it hurt some Germans?

I know I sound like a 'doom and gloom' guy all the time but these people infuriate me to no end --- they first F everything up, then blame the free market and use that to grab more power.


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