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If only 2 exercises, renegade or not

My schedule really sucks now. I have to train in 25 minutes. What I am thinking is 2 sets of power snatches, and 2 sets of a power clean, strict press, front squat. Knocked the wind out of me. 2 weeks is my window of hell. Opinions?? I could stand to lose a bit o’ fat, will handle that with dietary control.

What about 20 rep squats?

excellent choice of exercises…my current abbreviated program consists of deadlifts, front squats, standing presses and power cleans. with only 25 minutes, why not specialize on only one or two lifts? (unless you are only able to train once every 3 days or so). Work it out so that you can alternate exercises as well, such as doing a set of front squats, a set of presses, then back to front squats, with only about a minute in between…Good luck!

Not a bad idea, but with no rack, makes it very difficult. I own a bar, thats it, nothing else. I cant imagine 20 rep front squats

I already like what you’ve done. Push, pull & squat is all you really need. If it knocked you on your ass what’s the problem? What I would have done is clean & press, back squat & maybe stiff-legged deadlifts & dips if I had the time, but it’s pretty close to what you got.

Very good selection! For my money here are the 3 exercises I’d choose:

  • Snatch
  • Power clean & push press (as one exercise 1 clean + one press, repeat…)
  • Front squat OR overhead squat (or rotate the two)

But why limit yourself to 2 sets? in 25 minutes you have enough time for 12 sets if you do not take a lot of rest! Plus, short rest periods will help you get in better shape AND help you loose fat! Here’s what I recommend:

- Warm-up (stretching - 5 minutes (rounded up and counting transition time)/ 5 stretch of 45 seconds each)

1. Power snatch 1 set of 5 reps, rest 1 minute 2. Front squat 1 set of 5 reps, rest 1 minute 3. Power clean and push press 1 set of 5/5, rest 2 minutes

Counting transition time, the rest period and the length of each set, this should take you 5 minutes. Repeat 4 times for a 25 minutes total and effective workout!

If you are not well conditionned enough to do the whole 4 sets of each, start with 2 or 3 rotations and work up to 4.

Christian Thibaudeau,

Yeah, I may contract the rest period. I may have found a way to get another 10 minutes in, whooooohoooooooo. I will try the recommendations, thanks again

As noted by Christian, with 25 minutes you have a great deal of time to play with and 12 -15 sets shouldnt be a problem. Your choices of Snatch and Cleans is perfect in my opinion. However one element you might not be considering a a type of complex where you break the exercises down and perform in sequences. If you need any further clarification, I will be happy to discuss. In faith, Coach Davies

Heck yes I’d like all the detail you are willing to share. I may have been a little unclear on the original post. Power snatch 1st. second was a combo movement. Clean to collar bone level, press over head and return, then front squat the weight. I did this for a total of 5 reps. Yesterday did the same, but compressed the time and waved the reps from 5 to 2 to 5 to 2 to 5. really a killer. was push pressing the first day, this time strict press as long as I could, then push press. Time is now not the limiting factor, wind is.

For me the next question is really how much time do you have and how familiar are you with the hybrids of Olympic movements?. Are you able to perform a classic Snatch (as in competition) and / or the Overhead Squat? As Christian noted in his tremendous article The Snatch is an extraordinary lift. It can be broken down into many smaller lifts that can use and it will provide you a constant variation to training that you may find both mentally and physically stimulating. I am only going to name a few because I am unsure of your familiarity and dont want to confuse you but for instance within a training day that includes Snatch components you can make use of some of the following (i) Snatch (obviously) (ii)Snatch from below the knees (iii) Hang Snatch (iii) Power Snatch (iv) Power Snatch from hang position(v) Drop Snatch and (vi) Overhead Squat. I look forward to hearing from you. In faith, Coach Davies