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If One Were to Have a Cheat Meal...

Say ice cream from the dairy queen, would this be best consumed within the hour after working out? Or would that make taking Surge a waste of money on that particular day?

how is ice cream a meal?

Don’t trip over it. Eat the ice cream if it makes you happy. I’d still take your Surge as well though. Enjoying ice cream or treats or pizza every once in a while won’t do any noticeable damage, and life is too damn short to overly stress about what you put in your mouth, especially if it doesn’t put food on the table.

Heres what JB wrote in his damage control article:

? Exercise: If you have to choose, work out after eating, but ideally you'd work out a few hours prior to eating as well.

? Nutrition: Eat normally before your binge and take advantage of the second meal effect. After your binge, eat again when you're hungry or when you don't feel so full. Get back on your regular diet the next day.

? Supplements: Taking stimulants like MD6 and thyroid enhancers like T2 or T2-PRO during the day of the big feast may fire up the metabolism. In addition, taking mild diuretics may keep the excess water off.

Are you dieting?

Haha Prof X, only from you.

“Cheat meal?” So you’re saying that ice cream isn’t part of your normal PWO diet? Perfect food for Calories…

All week, all I ate was: oatmeal, vegetables, chicken, tuna, cottage cheese and protein shakes. Nothing else.

Now it’s Saturday. I just got back from tanning down by the river, while fishing. I’m currently eating a pudding with a big bowl of whipped cream. Then I will have a chocolate bar. After that, I will start drinking beer and watching rugby on TV. Then I will pass out on my sofa probably.

The perfect cheat day :slight_smile: