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If no methoxy, then what?

During an off cycle, after mag-10 or androsol, what can I use to maintain my lean mass if I am not able to get/use methoxy? Other than not cutting calories too much and keeping lifting intensity up while dropping volume, is there something else I can use or do? I have tribex and will use that - any other suggestions? thanks for the help.

Just wondering how you have access to all these other supplements, but not Methoxy-7?

expenses, brother, expenses…after mag-10, enough food and protein powder to get me through those weeks, not much left over for anything else. monthly budgets - they do suck! anyway, any ideas on the original question? what might work? thanks.

Try a bottle of Vitex to go along with the tribex, a bottle is about 6-7 bucks and should help with keeping muscle on.