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If my Metabolism is Jacked, Can I Eat Sloppy....

Title pretty much says it. I look ripped all the time, reguardless of my diet or if I’m working out. So, I’m eating dirty. anything that fits in my mouth (food, you perverts) goes down the gullet.

to put it in perspective, I had my appendix rupture 2 months ago, spent 5 days in a hospital bed, had a hard time eating much, but I ate some. started walking a half hour 5 times a day and moving around as much as I could on the sixth day. it ain’t gym time but its better than atrophying from NO physical movement. from day one to six I lost 18 pounds. I weighed 160 and I’m 5’9. I didn’t have 18 pounds to lose. it’ll take me a year at the gym to put eighteen pounds back on. six days? what the ****.

I eat balanced, but dirty- vegetables, some fruit, steak, chicken, rice, eggs, whole foods, about a half gallon 2% milk a day, six meals. I also eat two to three double cheeseburgers for lunch, and a tub of ice cream every two to three days. pound of bacon every 4 days. Beer comes in cases. been doing that for a month now, with NO gym time, and the equivalent to a desk job. I went from 142 to 144 pounds. the calipers say 9% bodyfat. its fuggin miraculous. hell I didn’t care about diet… I just hoped I’d gain some weight… I could use some fat. or muscle. or both.

so, honestly guys, where can I get crisco in those handy 5 gallon buckets?

I would suggest some gym time. And regaining lost muscle is a lot easier than building the muscle for the first time, so lift, eat and live happily ever after.

Eat more. Seriously. Make it your job to eat. Why are you drinking 2%? Why is it taking you 4 days to eat a pound of bacon? Look into GOMAD and a DEAD.

We need pics too.

I can eat sloppy and not gain a lb. I’ve found it’s impossible to eat as much as I need to with all the physical exertion I put out. When I was bulking on the see-food diet I was forced to not play hoops or swim and it drove me nuts (I hate video games and TV so it got very boring, alot of reading).

It sucks I’m so active I’d have to eat 10,000 calories and become a lazyf**k just to gain a few lbs. I’m secure with my weight though and would like to stay the same but get alot stronger.

If your metabolism is jacked like mine you should be able to eat as sloppy as you want. The flip-side is our metabolism won’t be this way forever. If we continue the sloppy eating when our metabolism drops we’re prone to blow up and become a fatass into retirement. So it’s best to get into healthy habits while were young.

i’ve been struck by a comet of WTF

Started a food log, and gym time. I knew my burners were on high, but losing a year’s worth of clean weight is retarded. We’ll see how this goes.


The weight will come back faster than you think you when you hit the gym. I broke my hand in early march and was out of the gym until early May. I went from 192 down to 170. I gained 11 pounds in the past month without adding an inch to my waist. Start off lean and do a clean bulk and really up the intensity of your training. I have been amazed so far.