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If Meals Aren't Finished Until Late...


What do you do if your meals end up not getting finished until significantly passed when you would want to go to sleep?

This happens to me most Sundays and can be annoying. Lets say saturday I party/hang out with people/etc.. and don't get to sleep until 1:30am. So I wake up at 9:30am the next day at the earliest and with each meal taking about 15min. to eat and spacing meals apart at least 2 hours this has me finishing my last meal at 9pm, going to sleep at 10pm. I get up to exercise at 4:30am so this doesn't give me as much sleep as I'd like.

What would you do to fix this? In the past when I ate lower carbs I would just eat 5 bigger meals but if I did that now many of my meals would have 70-80+ grams of carbs which can't be good for someone like me.


dont get up at 4.30am

or dont party til 1.30am

if ur wanting to be in bed at like 6 on the sunday night. go to bed.


Remove one of the meals. Because you stayed up later the night before you would use that time instead for calorie intake.

If your day is shorter (Sunday) then you eat less,

But since your Saturday is longer, you would eat more that day,

making up for the difference.

Or eat 5 larger meals, but don't increase the carb intake.


even though 1-2 meals would be left out?

So combine the calories of the "6th meal" into the other 5 meals but only add in the proteins and fats or something?


its short day, so you shouldnt need as much food... add in an extra meal the next day as it seems it is going to be longer.



Yea true. I was planning on doing fasted cardio tomorrow which is why my first meal wouldn't be until 9:30 (I'd actually be waking up at 8:30). Maybe I'll just eat before the cardio instead.


I'd first and foremost concentrate on getting in enough food each day to meet your needs regarding calories, protein and EFAs.

Stuff like spacing out a fixed number of meals so that there is a certain time between them is only a recommendation to establish the habit of eating smaller, more frequent meals or reach the projected caloric intake if you are bulking, nothing set in stone, though. Shorten the periods, eat fewer but larger meals, eat less on "shorter" days, whatever.

Apart from that, I'd try to establish more regular sleeping patterns. At some point, it becomes a matter of priorities.


I frequently wake up at 1-3pm, and go to bed at around 12 or 1. So my days are fairly short.

I don't really freak out about when im eating my meals. I just make sure I get in my 6 planned out meals a day.

I've gained weight steadily over 2 months (20lbs) with very little fat gain.

People think too much.


Thanks. My sleep is actually really prioritized most nights. Same time trying to get 7.5 hours or more a night, some Saturday nights are exceptions though.