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IF Leg Extension Gonna Destroy Your Knees Then


Biceps Curl Will Destroy Your Elbows


I have a blog. It is helpful for when I have random thoughts like this.


does your elbow have a kneecap?

Also biceps = flexion…


Yeah and good mornings destroy your back. Damn looks like we should all just give up moving… Seems like that is the safest option.


What would be considered “excessive”?


Probably about what mine looks like right now.


Id say 4 times a day… of course duration and intensity has to be factored in.:laughing:



My Opinions:

Doing no bicep curls will destroy the elbows. My elbows “forget” how to bend right with zero curls.

Too many curls makes my shoulders feel bad.

Most leg extension machines are pretty terrible. The worst one is the leg extension/leg curl combo thing hanging off of the cheap “Starter Bench.” Even the Hammer Strength leg extension is whack.

The Nautilus Leg Extension machine is great. The roller pad for your shins is adjustable, so you can get comfortable in there. The super tricked out model has a rotating dial that you use the select the weight.


Interesting observations on curls.

I tore my left bicep (somehow. I can’t remember the exact circumstance, just a big bloody bruise), and stopped doing any type of curls for about 6 weeks. Ended up with pain through both elbows if I tried to fully straighten them that went away shortly after curling again.

My right arm- tore the pects, anterior delts, and bicep after developing benchpressitis from workin out like bro. Exacerbated the anterior rotation of the humerus by blowin up the biceps- cause chiks dig big guns.

So now I just treat them as an accessory type thing and I’m no longer interested in having biceps that look like fake baseball titties.

Never cared much for leg extensions. I’ve always been quad dominant anyways, so there was never much need.


One of these days, we’ll get the recipe juuuust right.

Maybe those weak, unfunctional body-builder dudes were right when they said to train muscles once a week?


As Yogi pointed out, the analogy should be, “If Leg extension gonna [sic] destroy your knees then skull crushers will destroy your elbows”

Which, come to think of it, is a common complaint.



If you have big biceps and forearms, they mash together and support your elbow joint when you do a skull-crusher.


That seems infinitely more sensible than bench,curl,bench… till something goes PoP!