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If John McCain Was Not White


If John McCain was not white, he would have never married Cindy and the Hensley Empire would have never backed him politically, and he would probably be working at Wal-Mart:)


...he'd be Colin Powell.


He'd be finishing up his second term this year.


....he'd still be shaky and ugly.


Well, thank God that Winston was the sober handsome fellow that he was.

What would he have been without his good looks?




Independent minded conservative with a strong national security profile who is generally well-liked by moderates and liberals.


Powell actually stands by his beliefs


Hillary could KICK HIS ASS with one arm tied behind her back standing on one leg. I predict McCain will lose his temper when the Dem. Nominee an he start sparing . Do you remember how he got mad at G.W.Bush





He does? Which ones?


This is comical - bit par for the course around here these days.

It could be a very competitive election, but Hillary is a tremendously flawed candidate with credibility problems. McCain has tons of upside in a general election, and his temper is something liberals keep trying to make an issue of, but is generating no results.


You are right; I thought more people would see the foolishness of trying to guess what a person would be with out their race and all the pressures that form a personality. It is almost stupid. The possibilities are too endless
As far as Hillary kicking McCain�??s ass, when Obama wins the Dem. Nomination, Hillary and her thugs will go to work for Obama, even if it is a black bag job. I bet you will get to see the famous McCain temper


McCain from 2000 maybe. This new McCain switched Sunni's and Shi'ites, seems clueless on economic matters, and has reverted to cultural conservative to pull the CR.

However, I do respect both men, and that is something.


McCain the only presidential candidate wearing Depends....


I think McCain is the only candidate with gold teeth................................ Oh wait............