If It Were Legal Would You?

I was reading another post that threw up in interesting point. Someone pointed out that Skip couldn’t be considered a natural bodybuilder cos he used prohormones.

It struck me that peoples motivation to use AAS varies considerably, I always asumed that the main reason people avoided them was cos of the harm they do to your body. This is because i see the law as more of a guid to good sociable living rather than die hard rules.

If i wanted to do something the status of the law would only make me more descrete. however it would seem that some people would use inferior products because of their legality (while potentialy still harming their bodies).

Let me put it this way, if AAS were legal, would 90% of legal muscle building supplements still be used?
just a thought

Thought i’d just quantify what i’m asking before i get flamed;
What are peoples motivation to NOT use AAS?
PS i know prohormones are ilegal now too.

Maybe if it were cheaper, and all the important information regarding how to cycle and what dosages to use were given to you, instead of having to research it all on the internet.

I’d probably use it if:

  1. I knew where to get it
  2. I could afford it
  3. I didn’t have to use the internet(where 99% of info is bullshit) to learn how to properly utilize it.

Even then I would probably wait until I reached a higher level in my training and felt like I needed it.

When new supplements come on the market people regularly test them on themselves without any longterm studies on how effective or damaging the product is. This seems to me to be quite a descrete risk (ie the risk is not as odvious or documented as AAS). At least you’d know where you are with an AAS cycle.

After considering my own position i think my reason for not using is not health or law or cost but the stigma.

The word steroid cungers up some unsavory images installed in me by the popular media way before i got into bodybuilding.

if it were legal there wouldn’t be the mark up between suppliers on the street. you can claim it on your medical insuarance and only pay a co pay.

I have used in the past and now that I am in the 30+ crowd if I had the funds would be going to the antiaging clinics to get test and growth legally. maybe if it was there would be actual studies the FDA could base decisions on.

if it were legal test would be $5-10 per vial.

as for the muscle building supps, my guess is that they would still exist. the mentality that most supplement consumers have will allow this. no one wants to be behind the curve. the faith displayed by supplement consumers makes major religions envious.

[quote]wukey wrote:
What are peoples motivation to NOT use AAS?
PS i know prohormones are ilegal now too.[/quote]

Confusing to a beginner

If it were legal and I was sure I would not screw it up…I probably would at some point. But since it’s illegal and I would probably screw it up…no way.

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[quote]bushidobadboy wrote:
Where I live, it IS legal, however I still use ‘bodybuilding supps’, but only the 'intelligent ones, like BCAA, fish oil, whey, caesin, powdered oats, etc.

Oh, and glutamine, which despite the useless/useful debate, is still in my intake, especially during times of calorie restriction.

An interesting point though is that whilst gear is legal to import, buy, possess and use, it is illegal to sell. Therefore it’s generally sold by shady bastards who couldn’t put together a decent cycle if their life depended on it. Plus most have never heard of PCT.

So in effect, we have a similar situation to you guys on the other side of the pond, i.e. ignorance, unavailability and poor quality.

In fact, I guess the only real difference is that over here, you won’t get sent to prison for possession, so you won’t have to be fearful of what might happen if you bend over to pick up the soap in the showers…


If whatever you’re doing is worth a shit then the other guys should be the ones worrying about dropping the soap.

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