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If I'm Bloated, Can I Abstain from Eating for Several Hours?

I have a heavy squat day tomorrow and I feel bloated as hell tonight. I basically ate eggs with toast in the AM, then went to the gym, drank a protein shake with creatine after then cooked myself ground beef with rice and some veggies sauteed then snacked on some chips tonight and that was it. I drank a good amount of water. No idea exactly where the bloatedness is coming from but my belly is kinda out there lol cant even do a vacuum pose if I tried. Would this bloatedness be an indicator that I can workout tmm without eating really anything until after i finish my workout? Figured my body will just use up whatever is stored without any problem

Chips on top of rice? I’m bloated just thinking about it. No, you will be fine. Unless you’re cutting, you need to eat before training. My guess is that you will be ok when you get up. I always prefer some peanut butter and ice cream after dinner. Not chips. Haha…
Hope you feel better.

They got a new flavor of doritos and I couldnt resist. I ate the rice and beef around 4 or 5pm and the chips around 9 lol And Im trying to stay slightly above maintenance

Peanut butter, protein shake, milk, protein bar, cottage cheese… much better to stay slightly above maintenance than the latest Doritos. Haha… we all have our weaknesses though.

Doritos > All