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If I Won the Lottery...


I'd be debt free and able to have a lot more fun.

I'd hook all my siblings way up, and help out a few of my closest friends.

I'd be a level 5.


I'd pay for my friend's baby hospital bills- $250K+

  1. Coarctation of the aorta. This is a narrowing in the aorta causing restricted blood flow, and Zeke has two. All blood to the lower half of his body is restricted by 70-90%. His little legs, bowels, kidneys, liver and such arenâ??t doing so well, slowly suffocating.

  2. His Ductus Artery just closed. The Ductus is only utilized in the womb, normally. In the womb, or uterus, the baby has no need of itâ??s lungs. All oxygen is supplied from mother. So the circulatory system bypasses the lungs using the Ductus artery. The Ductus normally closes with in the first few hours or days after birth, normally. In Zekeâ??s case, the Ductus not only bypassed his lungs but also bypassed the coarctation of the aorta. This allowed his legs to be supplied with blood, even if not fully oxygenated. This masked the coarctation until itâ??s recent closure.

  3. He has a bicuspid aortic valve. Our hearts have two major exit valves. The Pulmonic Valve and the Aortic Valve. These valves have 3 flaps, normally. In Zekeâ??s case he only has 2 flaps, but currently there doesnâ??t appear to be any leaking or blockage.

  4. He has several holes between his right and left atrium. This is not uncommon and many times will close/seal itself.

  5. He has a big heart. Too big. His heart has been working double time his whole life, (all seven weeks of it) and like any muscle the heart gets big when it works out.

  6. He has RSV. A viral respiratory infection that affects infants in a particularly severe way.

I love this baby. It's tough to watch this happen.


I'd pay off my brother's school loans, pay my parents back for everything they've ever helped me with, set up college funds for my nieces and nephews, and some other family stuff.

buy a house in the carolinas, modest enough in size but with all the neato toys i could want, and set up a retirement nest egg of awesomeness.

take a fucking awesome european vacation, get a boring part time job, volunteer like a mofo, and be awesome.


i would hire a lawyer and an accountant that i trusted.


Settle all friends and families debts (loans, mortages, etc) without actually giving them money because that will only lead to family feudes and other bullshit.

Buy a few houses all over the world, stick a nice chunk in an account, start some more businesses doing what I love and give the rest to charities/research projects.


This absolutely...

And probably give my parents 40% and my sister 20%... invest the rest in something(hire someone to figure that out) and buy a large plot of land(large being a couple hundred acres.. I don't need 1000 plus).. I'd work the land with my father.. run of the mill ranch. Also help out a few close friends.. I'd bribe them to reach certain goals that I see fit for each one :stuck_out_tongue:

When all that is "taken care of" I'd continue on with my job and continue to live in my apt.. or buy a smaller house.. smaller being 250-30k


i would buy T-Nation.



I'd spend it on the essentials: Alcohol, Women, Fake Friends, Houses, and some Boats.


Boats... how could I forget boats!


Bumfights on international water. Two subhumans enter, one subhuman gets tossed off the boat.


Shotgun Rufus.


then i can stop this from happening to my comments


Would spread a bunch out between family and friends, would get an awesome house built, and would hire Dorian Yates to oversee things..


You guys like to throw money away it sounds like.

I'd turn my millions into billions.


How much money are we talking here?


What would you do with those billions?


Two chicks at the same time man...............


I'd buy a sweet but modest house in the nicest part of my hometown, somewhere out in the country a little way; then I'd plough a shit load of it into opening a kick ass gym a la Iron Sport. If it was multi millions, I couldnt plan to spend all of it but these are things I know I'd do.


2 chicks at the same time.


I guess what I should have said was I would make sure I invested properly, and set myself up so I would have multiple income streams. Then I would start throwing it away. So I could keep throwing it away.

Charlie Sheen doesn't go out and buy a suitcase full of blow only once. Oh no, he makes sure he can keep doing it.