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If I Had to Pick Just One Protein Powder - Metabolic Drive or Mag-10?

I will def look into a nutritionalist down the road when finances do permit. Right now I am barely affording to keep working out . . with the costs of food, supplements, gym, and the trainer (temporarily) . . it gets way up there. But hmmm. . maybe my insurance will cover a nutritionalist if referred by my GP . . . gotta check that option out.

And I agree 100% that I had pre-decided that I would work with a trainer for a limited time. 3 to 6 months. Right now it’s nice to learn about proper form (even being a newbie, I see lots of guys with no form at all at the gym). He helps get an idea of creating a full routine and proper form. I will watch closely as we progress and see how he creates a harder routine as I become stronger . . and once we go through that type of cycle, I will understand how to challenge myself as I grow . in the future . . and what not. Then, if I get stuck or in a slump . . I can always ask for help again . . .