If I Had To Fight Jan. 15

If I Had to Fight Takanori Gomi on January 15th, 2007 @ 155 lbs…

Hi everyone,

Obviously, I’m not fighting him, it’s just a goal I set for myself to reach in January. I would like to match a pro fighters conditioning and change my body composition.

This year, I really fell off and I got out of shape. So on my week off at the end of August, I started going hard again. started off with a newbie program and basic cardio work. After a week of prep, I started my regime. I’m two weeks in.

Here it is:

Monday - lunch run, 45+ chin-up program, meltdown, MA conditioning or GPP ASAP
Tuesday - 100+ push-up program, meltdown, gorilla cardio
Wednesday - lunch run, GPP ASAP
Thursday - 45+ chin-up program, meltdown, MA conditioning
Friday - OFF
Saturday - morning run, 100+ push-up program, meltdown
Sunday - GPP ASAP

Here is a breakdown of the workouts:

MA Conditioning: MMA Training **Inspiration** - YouTube or - YouTube (example: jump over two punching bags to the right, sprawl, get up and punch, jump over two punching bags to the left, sprawl, get up and knee)

Working Towards 100+ Push-ups: Iron Dungeon - Pushups - How to do 100+ Pushups

Working Towards 45+ Chin-ups (Reps cut in half of Working towards 100+ push-ups)

GPP ASAP: http://www.T-Nation.com/readTopic.do?id=468125

Meltdown Training: http://www.T-Nation.com/readTopic.do?id=459809

Gorilla Cardio:
4 minute warm up
20 second sprint 10 second rest
Repeat 8 times
4 minute cool down
Total duration of 12 minutes

5 minute warm up
20 second sprint 40 second jog
Repeat 12 ? 14 times
5 minute cool down
Total duration of 22 to 24 minutes

My Stats:
24 year old Chinese Male
160 lbs.
20% BF according to fat caliper measuring 22mm above the waist

My diet:
I try to keep it simple, most of my carbs are consumed during the day and before workouts, protein at night.

fat burner, multi vitamin, omega 369
oatmeal mixed with 1 egg and blue berries
cashews or fruit for snack
steak/chicken breast pita or sandwich and fruit for lunch
fruit before workout
protien shake after workout
yogurt/cottage cheese before bed

two cheat meals a week

Progress so far:
I don’t look too different, but it’s only been two weeks, looks like I’m a little more toned, my belly has flattened and my pants seem to be a little loser but no change in weight. Huge improvement in conditioning, seems like I have a lot more gas. Sprints are a lot stronger/faster. Chin-ups have improved, almost back to were I was at a year ago, 3 sets of 10.

My question:
Is this the right appoach? I know I’m eating a lot of fruit and that’s not good for fat loss but it seems like I’m working out more then the average joe. I’m trying to get to at least 10% BF. Is my current regime too much? Again I know longer cardio sessions are not good for fat loss but how come fighters can do it yet still be so lean? Anything I should take out or replace? I don’t want to end up with depreciating returns.

Your input is much appreciated! Thanks!


If you’re trying to lose fat, this might work (although not optimal); if you’re trying to gain muscle/strength this is a terrible program. You’re trying to do too many things at once. Which goal is most important to you? Figure that out and get ONE program that you think is most fit to acheiving that goal.

As for the longer cardio/staying lean, there are lots of people who do no exercising at all and are lean.

[quote]cap’nsalty wrote:
If you’re trying to lose fat, this might work (although not optimal) [/quote]
How do I make it optimal?

I want to be at 155 lbs. 10% BF with great conditioning (example - able to last 1 10 minute round and 1 5 minute round) what should I ditch from my program then?

Yeah, like my brother, eats junk all the time, but has a nice six pack. And he’s not scronny either.

You should never sweat over eating fruit.