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If I Get a Tattoo of T-Nation Logo....


In a visible area,say,upper arm,can I cop some free shit off this site?

If so,how much?

I'm such a whore......


Probably not.

But if you did get the tattoo, don't go to Texas.

It's very similar to the "Texas Syndicate" prison gang tag/logo.

Not saying they're the same, but they are similar.

http://www.gangsorus.com/texas_syndicate_prison_gang.htm for a look at their tag.


Coincidence? I think not. Maybe the editors are really part of the gang :slightly_smiling:


This has been done before...


The only thing I agree with is the whore part.


i cant find a link to that thread of that cat who got the tat

help a vampire out here


i'm trying to decide between the Microsoft logo of the At&t one.


Tim patterson would be dying of laughter


which one?

This has been being done since jesus was a boy.

One of the old timers may have to correct me on this but i think one of the guys that got one ages ago eventually got banned, wonder what he thinks when he looks in the mirror these days...

Each to their own though, i'm not judgin.


Yeah, they're similar, but they're different, blah blah blah.

With tattoos, if you want it, put thought into it. Get older. And shut up about it. It's for you, not anyone else.


I remember two.

One idiot who got it on his upper arm, I think I remembering it looking like shit. Then Rainjack had a small black logo right at the base of his neck or a little lower. It didn't look too bad, but the dude who got a big red logo on his arm...lol


any of them would be hilarious

but I'm looking for the most recent, I think the winter it was on here


and RJ doesn't even post here anymore, lol


That is a good way of looking at Tatts. Mind if I use that?


Thank you. Sure.


So you're calling me a whore,huh?

you wanna piece of me,buddy,huh? do ya?

It'll cost ya....


If you tattoo the logo right between your eyes I'll personally buy you a T shirt, anyone you want, promise.


I don't remember seeing the guy who got his arm done again after everyone bagged the shit out of him.


Please don't come to Texas even if you don't get the tattoo.

I do want you to get the tattoo though. I am thinking around you belly button. Thug Life bitch!

Rainjack has one? Whew weee!


What the fuck makes you say that? you don't even know me,asshole.