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If I Don't Take 7th Day Off w/ Best Damn

Hey Coach CT:

If I just don’t want a day off on the Best Damn Workout, what weighted movement types u think would be of help?
My initial thought is to do like 2 sets of 8, light, for muscles I need the most work on. For example:

off day
Treadmill x 10-15 min
*scrape the rack Press, 135x8x2…,
and/or another would be RDL’s 138x8x2
substituting movements to hit lagging muscles.
*Treadmill , 10-15 min

OR should I skip weights altogether and try to hit the 6 day’s harder?
I don’t want to sabotage myself by messing with your awesome plan, so thought you might have input?

Take the day off. If I wanted you to train 7 days I would have created the program that way. Don’t be a stimulus addict.

Copy that sir! Thx for answering :slight_smile:

scuse me sir, so with this program we can add soft cardio ? how many time ? or conditionning is it possible or its hard ?

AND abs blitz of course ?


Cardio can be added but NOT to the workouts as it will interfere with muscle growth by turning off the mTor that was activated by the lifting session (mTor is the trigger for protein synthesis/muscle growth). So the cardio has to be done either on a separate session EARLIER than the lifting workout (for example AM cardio and early PM lifting)

that’s fine

So I shouldn’t be doing treadmill right before & after the workouts? My heart rate is typically going 120-125 when I do that…and had been doing just 8-12 mins right before and right after… Would definitely be glad to delete it cos I hate it - I just don’t know much about such things…