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If Girls & Guys Switch Places in a Gym


As feminine as society has gotten, at least it has not turned like this :slightly_smiling:


I refuse lol


Gawd I wish I knew women like that!


What are you talking about?! I wish it turned to this! Those of us that haven't become effeminate would have an amazing amount of access to strong and fit women.


Most of the dudes are my gym are like the girly dudes in that video.


This is actually kind of how my gym already is and its a Golds... lol


I can taste the protein


My favorite line was "Don't be a little penis!"


Tell me about it.

I mean I'm not demanding that guys bench 325 or get out...but just that they not straddle each other on the horizontal Hammer bench to spot each other. I'm saying I've seen that.