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IF for Labor Work

so im thinking of starting if in the next week or 2 and im curious as i would be working 5 days a week and my job consists of 8 hours of lifting boxes consisting of rice alcohol flour and light things. i wil also be training 56 days a week so not to sure about how i would do this because wouldnt it be bad if you work like that with no food in the system. i saw into it as doing mart beckhams style or somthing like that where because i train in the evening have 25% of you calories afer the 16 hour fast then train later on but then that would mean working for 4 hours or so with no food need help and suggestions please

it’s a piece of cake, brah. I train first thing in the morning, then work (landscaping) all day. first meal is around midday/1pm - a 16 hour fast. your body gets used to it, and you find that you just don’t get hungry.

the thing is i cant train in the mroing brah. no time. lol btw hows the results going and how long u been doing it for?

I IF’ed while landscaping this summer, and I trained after work. On a few really hot days I almost passed out on the job. A coworker gave me a sugary drink and I perked back up. So if you try it, be sure to keep some quick calories around. On the other hand, if you decide to eat breakfast, make it a high protein, low-carb breakfast (have your carbs in the evening). This will be enough to sustain you during the day, while keeping insulin lower so that you’re in a decent fat-burning mode while you work.

sweet as um na my work aint that hard bro that i really need to eat and shyt. iv worked days without eating the whole day so yeah. il manage. just a question if you do have your first meal at around 12-1 pm do you have any carbs in that meal like very minimal or nothing? and the next pre workout meal which wil be 25% of my calori intake would that have carbs or just fat and protein?

When I eat around noon (sometimes I do, sometimes I don’t), it’s all meat, no carbs. As far as pre-workout, even the experts disagree, so I don’t know what to think. I’ve just been taking in BCAAs prior to training, as Berkhan suggests, and that’s worked fine. You should probably experiment with it. If your workouts aren’t as good when you don’t have carbs, then add them.

sweet as thanks for that. i just wanted to see how people are doing there protocols. btw hows ur wieghtloss going?

Excellently. I’m doing a combination of IF, carb backloading, and carb cycling (refeeds) - yes, such a combination is possible. The refeeds have been key. They jumpstarted me from a stall. I’m actually not losing weight, but I’m clearly getting leaner and stronger. Clothes fitting looser, moving heavier weights in the gym. This is not uncommon for people doing the whole IF/carb manipulation stuff, I understand.

shot bro. im doing similar to you aye. im drpping carbs on no training days and having a cheat meal once a week. so far so good stomach feels alot lighter and yeah traings gotn easier as the week has went on so yeah.