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IF for Gaining?


This is my IF plan for maintaining muscle/cutting.

1pm - 5 eggs, protein shake, BCAA, piece of fruit
4pm - Protein shake, cup of oats
5pm - workout
630pm - chicken breast, cup of rice, veg, protein shake
9pm - 2tbs of natrual PB + cottage cheese.
Fast begins.

Now what would i have to incorporate in there to gain size?


None of us can really answer that question for you specifically, you'll have to do a little trial and error and see what works for you. But in general terms, you simply eat more calories if you want to gain, in the constraints that IF gives you: carb cycling and nutrient cycling... focus on protein/carbs on days you lift, focus on protein/fat on days you don't lift. Have your biggest meal post-workout.

Also I just found this link, you'll likely benefit from it: www.precisionnutrition.com/intermittent-fasting


I think you are generalizing LeanGains as IF.

Nonetheless, I am slowly transitioning from dieting with IF to maintenance to slow gaining. My protein intake was already ~1.33g/lb, so I'm really just trying to add in some calories here and there. You might add an egg to meal one. You could add more to your preworkout shake, or add a shake during, or another post. You could add another chicken breast or more rice to your post workout meal, etc etc.

The limit of IF is trying to fit the food all in that 8 hour period. So with that said, I see adding small amounts of food to each meal the easiest solution. You could also try to maybe pulse MAG10 or something between your meals. The last option, that I've considered, is doing 14/10 instead of the 16/8.

With that said, and others have repeated, whatever route you go, you should post and log the details/results


whats are you calories and macros?
How old/tall are you and estimate bf?
whats training look like?


That's gotta be on the way low end of total Kcals/day.


Seems it to me as well...

I think it can be used for gaining..I really do feel that what matters at the end of the day is how many total calories and what your macros are. This is currently what I've began to eat to put on mass (albeit at a relatively conservative rate).

My window is around 2 or 3 to 10 - 11ish ...Also note on a lot of training days I'll go till sometimes 630-7 (after I train) before I eat..then eat all my calories by 10-1030ish.

Here are my stats..you can adjust them for you.. 5'8" 150lbs 10-12%bf (I believe). If you are heavier..which is likely..you probably will need more food than this.

Training days: 2600kcal, ~250g Carbs, ~250g Protein, ~65g Fat.

-Fast Until Training at approx 5:30pm (18-19 hour fast)

-10g BCAAs BEFORE Training...10g BCAAs w/Powerade Zero DURING training.

  • ~6:30pm Consume Immediate PWO. 1 Scoop Isology Whey Isolate w/5g Creatine and Frosted Flakes. ~360kcal: 30g Protein, 55g Carbs, 0g Fat

  • ~7pm 450g Yukon Gold Potatoes(Steamed), ~10oz Baked Fish(Cod or Haddock for me, 1.5 Tablespoons EVOO, 1 Steam Bag Broccoli w/Some Romano Cheese. ~825kcal, ~66g Protein, ~80g Carbs, ~25g Fat

  • ~8pm After Dinner Snack: 8oz nonfat Greek Yogurt, 20gs ON 100% Casein mixed in, Some fish oil mixed in, some blueberries and cinnamon. ~235kcal: ~40g Protein, ~20gcarbs, ~0g Fat.

  • ~9pm 80g Old Fashioned Oats(1 cup dry measure)COOKED, added in 1 scoop Isology Whey, 2 Tablespoons Natty Peanut Butter, 1 Tablespoon Polaner Sugar Free Fiber Jelly, Cinnamon. ~635kcal: ~50g Protein, ~63g Carbs, ~22g Fat

  • ~10pm 2 slices wheat bread, 6oz Boars Head Chicken Breast. ~320kcal: ~40g Protein, ~26g Carbs, ~5g Fat

  • ~1030pm 1 Can Solid White Albacore Tuna w/ lemon juice and a half tablespoon of coconut oil. ~180kcal: ~26g Protein, 0g Carbs, ~7g Fat

For my rest days..I tend to eat only around 1800kcal. I won't go through a whole rest day but know that emphasis is placed on Protein and Fat...and very low carb(this works for ME). That might not work for you and you may stand to eat more carbs on rest days. In fact, you may be able to eat more carbs than me on training days. Or, like I said, need more calories in general. But, above gives you an idea of a sample for an average 150lber. Adjust everything according to you if you'd like.

If you want us to help you more efficiently...I need your height, bodyweight etc..And, how many calories you are currently eating and what macros make up those calories.


I'm genuinely curious, so apologies if this seems trollish.

That amount of food is about my breakfast, and I'm losing weight.

Does this approach really work for people who are seriously trying to put on mass?

I guess the better question is, is the above posted 'meal plan' representative of gaining weight using "IF".

OP- how big are you?


Mine or his? At my bodyweight..I require a lot less than you to gain weight man..


OP's. Yours seems reasonable for your size -although that's like a super-cut for me! :wink: If you're gaining, then obviously it's working.

Is OP 5'4" 105#?


More food. (srs)


My appetite is fucking ravenous. Therefore, I hate you for being able to cut on that food. Lol.


i do a 14/10 fast.. @ 190lbs i'm on a cut so i'm consuming:

~2200 cals training days (260g protein ~80g carbs ~70g fat)
~1800 non-training (260g protein ~50g carbs ~90g fat)

avatar was pre-cut, stoked at what im getting done, will post picture with results.

ON THIS POST- your bodyweight/BF% is definitely a must when asking these kinds of questions OP. your diet cant be more than 16-18kcal, which like SteelyD said, is pretty damn low if youre trying to bulk, unless youre 105 :slight_smile: If youre anywhere around my weight, and trying to gain, you should have numbers MUCH higher than mine. I like what gabex had to say, ADD some food to each meal, quality advice.


yes I think I am... what other IF is there? I thought IF was 16/8, whereas there were other fasting methods like 20/4 Warrior Diet, Eat Stop Eat, full weekly fasts, etc. I dunno.


The ones you just named are basically all of the main ones. LeanGains just puts emphasis in the actual guide for macro/calorie cycling. But, someone could follow a 16/8 schedule with really different macros.


Steely you lucky. I am like facko with a crazy apetite. Thank god it takes me 3500-4000 cals to gain if i was gaining with what facko was eating i woudl die.


My life is fail.


im currently 6 feet tall, and weigh 195lbs


Another idea on top of what I posted above that may work as well might be to do 14/10 on training days and 16/8 on fasting days.

But really, what it comes down to, is can you get your calories in?

Do you know how many calories you are eating?

Are you maintaining weight with that?

Can you add enough food to that to gain?



I'm all for doing what works, but it blows my mind to see numbers like yours! I only weigh twenty pounds more than you and I diet on 3400 cal/training day and 3000 cal/non-training. My maintenence level is 3800.