If Finaplix-H Is Not a Controlled Substance, Where Did It Go?

Merck still makes it, why is it impossible to find?
A 10 cartridge box should be less than $50.00 retail and twice or three times that price ( $100.00 to $150.00 ) a box seems to be the asking price even though it is out of stock everywhere it seems.
Way back before the Chinese Olympics in 2006 Tren Ace powder was $30.00 a gram with a Western Union Account…oh the good old days.

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Are you looking at farm supply stores? I am not sure the legality of buying it TBH. It is legal if you are a rancher. Maybe buy a cow to avoid any issues with the law haha.

My question is why? The process to create something you can use requires a lot. Why not just by Tren?

I have called farm supply stores from California to Louisiana and nobody still carries it.
I even called some of Merck’s Veterinary distributors and they do not have it in stock.
Once place I called said they don’t carry it “because body builders abuse it.” True story.

I have watched the process being done. It takes 5 minutes effort with a 30 minute wait time, and no exotic chemicals.
Why not just buy Tren? If I had a solid source at a good price, I would purchase it.

Dude_from_NV@proton.me if you have suggestions.