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IF/Carb Backloading and Pop Tarts

I’m currently running 1.6 test 250 and tren 200 per week and just started 30 Stan ed and am curious on options on if. I currently go to school from 6 am to about noon Monday through Friday so I’m thinking about incorporating intermittent fasting just because I don’t believe I need a lot of fuel during school while I just sit in the same class room all day. I would break my fast for lunch with a big salad and lean meat. And I like the idea of carb backloading so I would eat my lunch wait a few hours lift and have a post workout protein shake and 2 pop tarts for my carbs then about an hour later finish with my dinner. Does this sound somewhat suitable? I’m trying to gain lean muscle and burn up as much body fat as possible. I’m lean for the most part but have a spare tire for sure (lower abdominal fat and love handles) but my arms and legs are vascular and chest has pretty good definition. I’m 23 6 foot 3 at about 230lbs currently. Thanks for the input/hate ahead of time

I will go first with a little hate.

You are relatively young, overweight and on test and tren??
Why would you not just get yourself into decent shape with some good old fashioned weight lifting, 3-4 square meals a day, a little of conditioning work… without the drugs?

Correct me if I am wrong, but I wouldn’t bother with the pharma until you get the basics down pat.

Uncle Bird.


I’d say I’m about 15-17% body fat and have been lifting for about 6 years. I’m not super new to the game. I’m also on trt from the doc thinking it’s due from dbol abuse as a high schooler listening to bad advice. About 6 months ago I weighed 190 bit I was also training to be a seal until I bitched out at prebuds :persevere:

My training regiment right now is fasted slow cardio about 5-6 times a week in the am and lift almost everyday in the afternoon after my first meal