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If Brock Lesnar Comes Back to UFC, Who Should He Face?

I’m a big Brock Lesnar fan but I think he won’t win the title again because Stipe would school him. I think these are the only fighters he can beat:

Alistair Overeem- Brock lost the first time because he came off surgery for diverticulitis. I’m confident Brock can take him down and grind out a decision. Brock wins 3-4/10.

Fabricio Werdum- wrestling vs BJJ. Vai Cavalo doesn’t hit particularly hard and Brock can easily take Werdum down. Werdum is dangerous on the ground and can submit Lesnar off his back. This fight would go either way- 50-50 chance

Francis Ngannou- hardest puncher ever but no ground game. If Brock can weather the storm I think he’d win 6-7/10

Derrick Lewis- Brock takes him down easily. Brock wins 7-8/10

These are the only 4 fighters Brock has a chance beating. Cain Velasquez may be injured regularly but a healthy Cain would do what he did the first time to Brock. JDS and Stipe both have amazing takedown defence and both hit pretty hard.

To be honest I’d much rather see Brock in Bellator because he’s a freak of nature and he wouldn’t have declined like the Bellator boys

A better question would be can a drug free Brock return.


Brock Lesnar vs Stefan Struve would be interesting as it’ll be difficult for Brock to take down such a tall fighter but I still think Brock would win

I kind of like your thought process here.

I’d like to see an exciting Fight. Like a match up of mutants. Somebody who Brock can’t easily take down and smoother. And at the same time, a dude who can’t just easily out strike Lesnar on the feet.

Like they scrap, they cancell eachother out, and 1 guy “figures out” how to win the fight, during the fight.

I think Lesnar takes Struve down easily and pounds the hell out him. I wouldn’t be shocked if Lesnar koed him standing.

A rematch with Overeem would be interesting.

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Jon Jones with no USADA.


Agreed. Struve would be easy pickings for Brock (not much power in his hands and even though he is very tall, his reach is nowhere near what you would expect due to his proportions, also poor takedown defense/Grappling skills IMO).

A rematch with Overeem would be interesting as Reem has definitely fallen off since the last time they fought but is still a very dangerous striker with some good skills on the ground to back up his striking should he get taken down.

Big Foot could also be interesting, though I tend to think Brock would just take him down and smother him.

Of course Brock vs Pudz would be the ultimate battle of the behemoths, but I can’t see the UFC signing Pudz so that’s probably never going to happen.

I’d actually really like to see Lesnar fight Cormier at HW as I think that would be a really interesting and exciting fight stylistically. But I’m not sure Cormier would be interested in moving back up to HW for a non title fight.

Honestly though, I’m not really interested in seeing Brock ever fight in the Octagon again. He had his moment in the spotlight and held the belt, which is an impressive feat considering how little time he put into training (relative to most fighters who have held the belt), but he was always one dimensional and never struck me as someone who truly enjoyed the contact of the sport.better for him to stick to the WWE or maybe make a run at a Masters level Wrestling or Submission Grappling title if he really has the itch to compete for real again.

Just my opinion though.