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If Barack Obama Wasn't Black...


Would he even be in this contest?

89% of black Dem voters in Pennsylvania voted Obama. I don't care about race but has anyone EVER seen 89% of any group vote for one guy, unless there was something like this?

Would he have such a lead in North Carolina?

It bothers me that race is what puts someone over the top in an election. Results should be based upon credentials.

Given his associates (crazy pastors, terrorist bombers, criminal real estate developers), he should be investigated, not elected.


you say this like presidential candidates are normally judged by their credentials, and not "something else". its always "something else".

normally these things seem to become pandering contests. give obama some credit, at least he's spicing this election up.


The question is, if Hillary Clinton weren't white, would she even be in the contest now? No, she would not. She's the one playing the race card with the Rev. Wright issue.

I believe that most people-soundly or unsoundly-vote for Barack because he represents HOPE. As I said, that may be sound or unsound but that is the reason they are voting for him, not because of the color of his skin.


If Obama wasn't black...he'd be white.

At least, in Pat's world.



Actually, he seems more taupe...Hell, I'm more black than Obama in the summer time, but far more white in the winter time.

But, neither he not I, are gray.


Yes. Yes he would be.

His words got attention, not his skin color, HH. He may not be beating Clinton, but he'd still be in the race.


And what if John Edwards were ugly and John Kerry were handsome. STFU man, you're acting stupid.

Obama leads cuz he's a strong speaker, and every politican is dirty.

If we're talking criminality, people straigt up dissapeared when they scrutinized the Clintons, and McCain is a lackey for foriegn governments, and funnels our tax dollars into their military industries. Airbus anyone?

A-12 anyone?

If you think Barack Obama has an unfair advantage because he is black, his advantage is no more unfair than Reagan for being white, do you think Reagan could have won the 'silent majority' as a black man?

Give me a break man, quit fuckign around, put your head on straight.


Did Reagan get almost 90% of the white vote?

This is a very good question. Most people that understand politics know that being black is currently an advantage for Obama. It may not be in the general election but it is now.


Reagan won off racist rhetoric, I'm not saying I dislike Reagan, but he was the whitest candidate ever.

He used terms like 'welfare cheats,' to represent blacks, and then the 'silent majority,' to represent whites.

I wouldn't be suprised if his margin of the white vote, was 60% or more.


BTW Shouldn't this be 'weren't black?'


Be black?

Not be black?


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No, he probably wouldn't be. I think one of the things that makes Obama such a compelling candidate is that he isn't a white guy those guys have had plenty of chances, and fucked up too many times. Maybe someone who has had a very different sort of life can do better!


It is amazing excepting an endorsement from Rev.Hagee and his association with Charles Keating and those 30 plus propaganda videos for the N.V.A.


I'm a math teacher; we spell like shit as a usual rule.

I actually liked English until a teacher told me my interpretation of a poem was stupid. My response was: "Since its subjective, why is your opinion better than mine?" Only 'F' I ever got for a marking period, the bastard.

Oh,oh! The dude was black. Maybe I DO have some latent racism!! :smiley:


Mitt Romney took something like 98% of the mormon vote.

And if being black was all it took, Alan Keyes would have done much better is his presidential run this year.

It's just funny that people think that the easiest way to become president is to be black in a country that has never had a black president.


...he'd be Dennis Kucinich.


Paul M. Weiner got 98% of the non-voters vote.


I got an F in art because I had a warped sense of art


All I have to say is Oprah for president!