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If Artistic Merit Counted in Hip-Hop...


You would all be listening to this:

Instead artistic laziness is rewarded and the same thing we've heard over and over is forced down our ears until we assume this is the only sound of hip-hop. Meet mainstream media, mind fuck influence; victim - you. And yea them white boy dj's did really cut that shit to fucking pieces like that. And YES that mother fucker really did just say that. And yes, I realize that this music is simply over the heads and beyond the comprehensional reach of most...

So hears my hands up to some of the real kings of hip-hop. Now scuze me while I go hard in tha mother fucking paint.


Or I'd just keep listening to the Roots like I have been for almost 15 years.


man lil weezy is killin dat shit wit dem med4's, son!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"-Larrydavid







Unless you make it, try not to think you are to cool or smart just for listening to it.

You'll end up sounding like a Rush fan from the '80s.


^^^Not really sure why exactly but I found that really funny.


All dope artists! I've been to an Atmosphere show, an Aes Rock show and I've been to countless Sage Francis shows.


For sure. I like some of that, some of it I don't. I think Jay-z is the greatest and I even listen to a little (gasp!) lil wayne.

I don't expect others to share my taste, and I don't care what anyone else likes.

With that said, I don't think that was the point of the thread at all, and there are some sick vids posted here.


Did Iron Dwarf make Ct. Rockula's new avatar? looks like his style.



And fuck you, Rock :D.


There are pretty much no pop musicians that make music that can go over the heads of someone who graduated high school with a B in 12th Grade English.

There is a difference between people not getting something and people just not liking something. People don't like the same music as you because they have different taste, not because they don't get it.

I primarily listen to music to be entertained. I'm old fashioned like that. Sometimes an artist will do much more than that artistically for me but if not I'll settle for being entertained.

Simple as that.


too much bad hipster rap itt


But somehow they have more talent than your favorite rapper? It's like watching a retard battle a supercomputer.


No actually I know exactly what your saying and I get that. However this is basically a devil's advocate, making bored conversation with nobody from the lonely top of the curve that enjoys this music.


The live presentation is a fucking second piece of work in its own.


Any fans of scratchin' out there? I got you covered.