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IF and Keto, Workout Timing?

I am interested in trying IF and I am currently following KETO as well. My question is this, is it all mental and how does this work around workout timing?

Is it mental:

We all know its calories in vs calories out, so does IF only take one more thing away to help you control your eating habits or does it really factor in to weight loss? Keto has helped me as I struggle with carbs as it comes to insulin. Don’t get me wrong though I really miss pizza!

Workout timing:

I have always worked out early morning and typically fasted as I feel better and my Pre really functions better, however I normally eat within an hour after the fact. Does the food timing really matter. If I go IF I wouldn’t eat until 5 hours after my workout, all I really want to do is protect my current muscle and drop BF%.

Any and all info appreciated

There is some speculation here in the current research that the smaller anabolic window may not be correct. A longer up to 48hr anabolic window (which your meal timing certainly falls into) may be more important for nutrient availability. I wish I could remember where I read this to link to it.

Compounding this with keto…here is my bro science perspective. I make sure that I have regular protein intakes through out the day. I have a scoop of protein upon waking with mct on training days, no mct on non training days. I use the mct as a carb or quick energy source. I train in the afternoon. But I have done mornings. I use a post workout scoop of protein and mct. And a final scoop of protein just before bed. Through out the day I eat my prepped meals.

I’ve worked out at 4am (during football season), 8-9am ( when I’m on my own schedule), 4-5pm ( working days). The 4am was fasted keto…it was good lost a ton of weight and BF and 600-800 calorie deficit

When my plan shifted from a reasonable volume to a 11day on 1 day off GVT extravaganza. I got off the keto and bulked with carbs. 5000+ calories. All was good until I got over 16% bf then boom jelly donought

Currently I’m back on keto. I’m reviewing my old weight and bf numbers. I’m not liking what I’m learning right now. It looks like I was at a higher weight with lower bf before this carb bulk/strip. I’m struggling with this though because my muscle mass is noticibally bigger to the eye and the tape measure. I’ll stay keto and watch my lifts and gains. If I get to @13% bf and don’t like the lifting results I’ll be done with keto and switch back to a smarter carb plan.

I hope that helps…

Sigh…If only we didn’t have 9million sources of information clouding our minds! on one hand It would seem that timing shouldn’t matter due to how long the body takes to digest and that most repair and growth seems to happen at night while in a rested state. However we have all had that moment when we feel HANGRY and low on energy, as soon as we eat moments later we feel better…Is it just mental or is there really a relationship around carbs/ketones that accelerate the uptake of protein and nutrients immediately. Not far off this path will lead us to the carb/ketones debate in which can you fuel growth without the typical carb/glucose muscle fuel.

My goal is to use Keto as a weightloss tool and IF and then once I reach my desired BF% then slowly introduce carbs around my workout. But as you know there is that fine line that scares me where I could sacrifice muscle. I am going for a 16hr fast today and I can tell you I have a pretty good focus and energy level right now, it feels a lot like that post workout high where your energy level is a buzz. I am hoping that we get some input from folks that have tried this.

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Sounds like the body is in full keto acclimation. I woke up this morning and I wasn’t hungry at all. I did my typical 20oz of water then had a scoop of protein just to give the body some protein. That was at 7am.

I waited until 9 to have a coffee with butter and mct oil.
Just had my first meal of the day. 3 eggs, an avacado, 3 strips of bacon, and 2 oz of block cheddar cheese.

I still wasn’t hungry really but could feel energy levels dropping a bit and wanted to give the digestive system something to do. It is a rest day for me. I usually eat 7, 12, 3, 7 with a waking snack, pre sleep snack. Because it is a rest day I’ll push lunch back as far as I can…3-5 maybe. Using my second rest day in a row to really cut some calories.

Carb introduction needs to be slow and low around activity as you reintroduce according to my bodybuilding friend. She says that just adding the carbs back is shocking the body and it needs to relearn how to process the carbs. 1-2 week reintroduction is good for that…her advice (10+ years body comp top placement).