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IF + ALCAR, ALA, CLA, Green Tea Log

Guys and gals, first thing Monday morning (if shipping goes fine ) I’ll be starting a cut and experiment with IF and the anarchy stack. I am going to update this log everyday.

Some rules I’ll be following:

  • Each meal is either medium or low carb
  • All meals are high protein
  • ALA quantity will be modulated according to how much carb I’ll be eating during that meal
  • No CLA or ALA on fasted states
  • No fish oil with CLA

Here is what i’ll be taking:

8 AM:

  • No meal, fasted
  • ALCAR powder 500 mg
  • Green Tea powder 500 mg


  • No meal, fasted
  • Espresso Coffee


  • Medium carb meal
  • ALCAR 500 mg
  • ALA 500 mg
  • CLA 4g
  • Green Tea 500 mg


  • Medium carb meal
  • ALCAR 500 mg
  • ALA 500 mg
  • CLA 4g
  • Green Tea 500 mg


  • Low carb meal
  • ALCAR 500 mg
  • CLA 4g

11PM (pre bed):

  • Low carb small meal
  • Fish Oil 1.5g
  • Fiber supplement 5g
  • 3 caps of Orange Triad

That’s a total of:

  • CLA: 12 grams/day
  • ALCAR: 1.5 grams/day
  • ALA: 1g/day
  • RALA: 50mg (from Orange triad)
  • GT: 1.5 grams/day

Some days I’ll be doing fasted barbell cardio circuits for 20 minutes at 7AM. Before that I’ll be taking 10g BCAA and moving my first dose of ALCAR here.

Current Stats:
22%BF (Tanita scale)

My goal is to drop to 15% BF and this stack will go on until I get to that BF.

Wish me luck! I’ll keep you all posted.

What do you think of this protocol?
I couldn’t find any other Intermittent fasting + anarchy stack logs, maybe I am on to something, maybe I am not!


get it, boy! I’ve never heard of this before, good luck.

also what is your training like?

Thanks! Well I just got out of a pretty heavy 3*4 weeks of 5/3/1. I have added 30Kg to my deadlift max, going from a 70 max to 100 KG 1 rep max. A lot of gains too on squat, OHP and bench press. And of course on the scale too as I was eating clean but not counting my calories, especially post work out!

Now I’ll be doing cardio 3x per week using complexes. And every sunday a full body barbell strength session (5 sets of 2 reps, 90% of max, deadlift, front squat, OHP, bent over row). Only 1 strength day because with a new born baby, let’s not kid myself, I can’t do anymore than that!

Still no shipment… Continuing with CLA only. Energy is good in the morning and I am not over eating at lunch. So far so good.

Cardio this morning with 10g BCAA.
10 kg plate circuit with:
10xTriceps extension
10xBiceps curl
6xBent over row
6xSwings (like kettlebell but with the plate)

I did this 4 times for a total of 16 minutes.

Hopefully, the stack will arrive today!

Instead of wasting your money on a bunch of bullshit (WTF is “IF” and “the anarchy stack”?) have you tried eating some actual food and working out? You’re 6 feet tall and 185. AND YOU’RE “CUTTING”. The ONLY reason you could look like/are 22% bodyfat is because you don’t have any significant muscle mass.

You barely pull a BODYWEIGHT deadlift. Seriously, I’ve trained 150 pound girls that have pulled more than that within a couple months of semi-consistent training.

In fact, I looked it up and every female at the last meet I did pulled over 100 kilos:


You keep this shit up and you’re just going to look like a smaller, more emaciated version of your present physique.

Now, I don’t know, maybe you have some kind of injury or were bedridden or something. If that’s the case I’m sorry, keep up the good work but if not you need to pick your sack up and train harder. Maybe even find a group of guys who know what they’re doing to train with or switch to a gym were people who actually get results train.

Well, that’s some useful feedback albeit a little strong worded. I just finished a gain phase where I believe I took a lot of muscles for 12 weeks and I am feeling like I could use some time off from that. No injury, consistently put more weight on the bar every week so I am happy there. Losing a bit of fat seemed like a good idea before starting a new gain phase under 5/3/1 again for another 12 weeks. Shooting for a 160 kg deadlift (2x bodyweight).

I am not sure about the 22% as my scale isn’t really accurate but it gives me a number I can compare to.
By IF, I meant intermittent fasting using 16 hours fast, 8 hour feeding window.

So you would push directly for another gain phase and forget about trying to lose a few pounds?

I didnt realize you were 185, dude, wtf?

gain, now!!!

Hey, you’re alright man. I just like to err on the side of “Reality Checking” rather than “mollycoddling”.

Honestly, I think you need to eat enough food to support your training (meaning you can increase your training weights and reps in consistent small amounts over the course of months of training) and not get fat. If your pants aren’t getting too small for your waist than that’s a good sign. If that means for you that you need to do some complexes or cardio consistently in your training week in addition to your weights than that’s perfectly fine. But increasing those training weights and reps should be your first priority.