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IDS Sostonol 250???

Just doin some surfing around the web with supplements and what not, and came across IDS Sostonol 250, just wondering what anyones thoughts are about the supplement…anyone use?? negative or positive commments?? just curious to see what people think thats all…thanks guys

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reason 1: ‘test’ boosting compounds can’t possibly be in high enough dose to work, even assuming full delivery

reason 2: 17aa steroids (that suck balls, use the real deal, less sides, more gains)

reason 3: liver enzyme blocking herbs questionable at best

reason 4: IDS has always been a company with dubious products and this kitchensink formula is no exception

with products like this, no wonder the supplement industry is facing increased regulation.

haha well thanks alot guys, thats what i figured people would say, and were pretty much my thoughts on it as well…Ive been doin some legit research on the real deal and been coming up with some great information. I should be ready in another month or so, its been about 4 months of solid research, but id rather spend the time and do it the right way…thanks guys…btw, i was not looking into taking this stuff haha just was curius onto wtf it was