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Nice gut.

Thanks for changing it.


Is he bulking?


Fuck you PMPM


Welcome to the Darkside ID.

That squat belly will come in handy for powerlifting.


I kind of miss the jiggly wang.


Haha, I've missed this.


Polo, what's with the "F U PMPM"

PMPM, I've been on a slow bulk for a while now and increased my gut 5". Ugh.

Sturat, my powerlifting days ended in my 20's - when my knees, shoulders, and lower back told me to quit.

Byukid, I miss the jiggly dick too. Maybe I'll bring it back on Friday.



Oh no, you didn't cut your hair, did you?


Haven't you heard?
He's gone all Republican. Check PWI.

The missus on vacation?


No, I did NOT cut my hair (although I am thinking about it).

And LOL about going Republican!! Whatever gave you that idea, Fatty? LOL

The Missus is present, so I'm wondering what indicated to you her absence.


In her sleep, your wife talked about how you talk when asleep.
She told me, you'd occasionally sleep-talk about how you'd like to spearhead as illustrator for the Republican presidency campaign.

  • Boss Alpha -

P.S.: Don't cut your hair. At least, retain some MoM (modicum of manliness).


Fatty, your post is so full of comedy I don't know where to start! LOL!

Well, my wife said you snore like a hog, AND you fart in your sleep all night!

Drawing for the Republican presidency would be cool. I'd put subliminal shit all over Palin's poster. LOL

Hey, thanks for thinking long hair IS manly. I agree... on the right dude long hair looks badass. I look like a little boy with short hair. Although I think by now my wife would like my hair shorter.


Right she is.
And, to be honest, I guess it's only due to our similarities that I managed to get to know her that well.
Although I'd like to think it's my charming personality.

Keep that hair and you can do self-portraits. Don a pair of sexy secretary glasses, though and put your long hair up into a bun. And have your wife thick-slap your lips.

You know, I'm all for (kinda) equal rights between men and women, but, come on: sometimes you just gotta stomp down and show who's boss.

Just say: noooooooooooooooooo.