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Idontbrag's Road to a 550 Deadlift


Hmmm. That got me thinking. I was initially going to use 500. I looked a little more closely at the progression and I think I’d be better off using 485. I don’t want to run into the familiar situation to where I’m dreading the next workout!


Yea I have found that running true maxes will get you into trouble. I would need a few weeks of peaking to be able to hit 500 right now. Its all about building the strength then running a peak to express your true strength. If that minimum number can keep rising then technically so can your true max.

A saying that i heard a while ago that keeps ringing in my head is to build strength, dont test it.



Behind the head tricep extension

Lateral raise
4x10 with 15lb dumbells

Rear delt/bicep curl superset
4 sets with 27.5lbs

10min run



Weighted pull-ups (20lbs)
1x3 (so close :frowning: )

Farmer walks
Several sets to failure with 80lb KB

3 mins total


Paused bench

Incline press

Tricep pulldowns
4 sets of 8

3 mins total


You’re gonna love Kroc DL program.
When looking over it, it looks okay and like everyday is about the same.
But 5’s was really tough on me, 3’s were fine last week hard, but 1’s week was just awesome, speed from the floor and just one rep soooo easy.(kind of).
Good luck with that one.


Yea it looks like the first week of every microcycle is going to be the hardest. I start tomorrow, I’m pretty excited!


How much did you end up gaining from running the program? @mortdk


I didn’t deload and tried to go for a max attempt.

When I started i did a 150 kg grindy and ugly 1RM with absolutely no more than that.

I planned the weeks ending with 3x1@150 kg on the last week.
I did 3x1@150 kg and then did one more set were i did 2x150 kg, with maybe one more in the tank… maybe not.

My form was way better, because of the sub max weights and lots of reps and sets.

I might, maybe, possibly have gained 10 - 15 kg. But that’s a big maybe.


First day of the Kroc deadlift program. Felt tough, but comfortable.


Explosive RDL

Seated close grip rows

Weighted decline situps

6 maximum effort sprints (~30-40m)


Been feeling drained lately. Been busy with lots of stuff outside the gym and just wanted to get a quick session in today.

2x5x bar
1x155 (Fairly easy)
1x175 (fail)

Lateral raises 4x8
Rear delt raise 4x8


It sucks when life gets in the way of lifting, smash it when you get a chance mate.


@I_Luc thanks alot for the encouragement man. I don’t know what it is but lately I’ve been feeling drained. I have a few ideas of what it might be, but I’m not entirely sure. Ive been deloading all week. It’s probably a combination of grad school prep, messed up sleep schedule, and playing alot more soccer lately.

This isn’t meant to be one of those “woe is me”" rants, but I actually feel like I lost something. That drive to lift heavier seems to have faded. I was playing pickup soccer yesterday and I could feel how much slower I had gotten compared to when I was around 175lbs. It was like my body knew what it wanted to do, but it just couldn’t move quick enough. It was quite the shock, and I was questioning whether a 600+ deadlift is something that was worth pursuing.

365lbs felt the heaviest it’s ever felt in my hands since I started lifting last year. It’s amazing how much motivation/drive matters in a lift like the deadlift.


Played about an hour and a half of soccer today. I’m incredibly out of shape (cardio-wise) but it felt great to move around. I think I’ll take a deload from the weights for another week or two, then see how I feel.


I totally get the lift heavy blues. Since I’ve gotten on the darkhorse my desire to lift heavy every session is cured. Heavy is good but it gets old quick. I’m gonna finish this darkhorse program. I’m enjoying the experience but I will find something sub max to do next cycle.


I hear you Hog, and I’ve just only finished my second week.


Thanks guys, I honestly could use with dropping down to around 185. I played 1.5 hrs of soccer again today, and 20 minutes in I had arch pain in my foot to the point where I could barely take a step. Frustrating to say the least, but I’ve experienced this before after coming back from injuries. It generally takes a around two weeks to resolve on its own.


Another 1.5hrs of soccer today. Definitely feeling a little quicker on my feet. Arch pain still there but not nearly as bad. Probably going to do some calf raises tonight.


Another 1.5hrs of soccer. No arch pain, and I’m definitely in better shape than I was two weeks ago. I feel much faster as well. Still some ways to go though.


Hmmm. You just enjoys a break from the iron? Looks like you are enjoying yourself.