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Idiots on the forum

PLEASE if someone is posting utter bollock on this forum, dont respond to it, it is a waste of resources.
just ignor it and move on, the arguements that are cropping up in some of these threads are childish, and are going to make it less enticing for the valued members to contribute. This has lost the forum a couple of very knowledgable people in the past, dont let it happen again.
Whetu (and the rest of the forum members)

WHETU: Wise words indeed. In theory, fine. In reality, hopeful at best. By experience, you will surely conclude, as most of us, that a noisy subcategory of unfortunately stupid people think they`re Righteous Incarnate and, until getting sufficient feedback (read: Fully Deserved Ass Rape), never connect the dots and reconder their strategy.

T-Forums has an interesting, diversified and quick-response Immune System towards stupidity. That is healthy. I, for one, would be very intrigued if there was NOT such an answer to stupidity posted here sometimes.

The ideal scenario would be that the standards were so high that people here would not debate the intelligent/stupid debate but instead deal in a cooperative, get more good points in to allow everybody to do his own damn thinking mode and let them draw conclusions by themselves without forcing them down others minds. Dream on.


can you give recent examples of ‘bollock’?..just so I know

i think we should add neilG to that list.

Johnny, I’m thinking Whetu may have been referring to a thread like “Eww, not here, dude”. Check it out. Maybe you’ll get a kick out of it.

Just seems like a waste of forum space to me, but that’s okay.

NeilG’s post about fats, 1 arm wide grip pullups, then conspiracy theories. That’s bollock.

I read NeilG’s posts and I see what you mean.When the posts are that long I tune out after the 3rd sentence anyway so I wasn’t sure who you were talking about.