Idiots in the movies

I was just watching some lame movie on USA. I think it’s called Blood Evidence but I might be wrong. The thing that stuck out was when a lab guy was telling the detective that the blood sample was “chock full of anabolic steroids” and that meant that the guy “didn’t have any lead in in his pencil” like he couldn’t get it up.

I suppose if he was chock full of deca alone that might be the case.

TV shows are always fucked up about stuff like that. You see a hardcore triathlete, or anyone else “working out” and they are always doing barbell curls with shitty form like they’re break dancing around the bar or something.

I guess some semblance of realism is too much to ask.

The only show that I find consistently “gets it right” when I dig into obscure stuff they put in the show, is CSI. Haven’t been disappointed yet, seems to be very well researched.

Of course I haven’t seen an episode dealing with steroids yet…

Either way, I agree that most shows, and news for that matter, is poorly researched. But hey, it works for the sheeple that need to be told what to think and believe.