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Idiotic Theories


What are some of the more ridiculous weight lifting theories and ideas everyone has heard? I am sure gym geniuses have told you enough theories to make a whole comedy act. Here are some I have heard.

-If you sweat while you workout, the workout is not for gaining muscle, but losing fat, as sweating makes you lose weight.

-If you eat after you workout 'it' will all just turn to fat.


-if you're not doing full body routines you're not going to make optimal gains...


Work your hamstrings and quads on different days...

Doing what?!? Leg curls and extensions?


here you go an extensive list of opinions on the subject



clean bulk.


You can't digest more than 30g per meal.


Do you know for sure how much you CAN digest?


Do people just completely ignore the Cool Tips feature on the left side bar?


You can digest as much as you can eat.


The whole idea that you can turn fat into muscle.


How do you know that?


Thank you for the reminder. Below is a very good tip:

"Today's training tip comes from Chad Waterbury:

Finger Band Extensions

When it comes to grip training, the extensors are the most neglected variable. The body will limit absolute strength potential if the antagonist is weak in order to protect the joint. Therefore, train the extensors of the hand/wrist. Try this: Get a fat rubber band and place your fingers inside it. Spread your fingers as wide as possible without the rubber band rolling down your fingertips and then close them. This is also an excellent exercise for anyone with wrist or carpal tunnel problems!"


You can digest only 30 gr of protein in a meal.


I think Old Dax's point may have been that it's stupid that people can just hand out an arbitrary "30g" figure to everyone, regardless of their individual weight/size/digestion as well as probably hundreds of other factors.

Although I may be wrong :slight_smile:


Drinking is prohibited two hours before and after a lunch in order not to dilute precious enzymes.

So when I'm supposed to drink? Midnight?

Stupidest nutrition advice I've ever heard.
BTW, it came from a personal trainer who told me she'd never show her breasts for money - but was later seen by my brother stripping in a totally run down place.


Exactly. We can digest the protein, but it doesn't mean it is going to be used for building muscle. If all the protein we ate went to building muscle, we'd all be 500+ pounds of pure muscle. LOL.


Wide stance squats make the insides of your legs grow.

Oh wait, that's what I think...

Can I start again?

If you don't go to failure you've wasted your set.


Work your obliques to lose your love handles.


Adding the ball to any exercise makes it better.


Relativity. That theory was a bunch of shit.