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Idiot Of The Year.


People like this deserve to be discontinued.


jesus fuckin christ. why? just why?


I think the worst part was at the end when they say 1/4 of a million is what his treatment costs....like WTF there are poor unfortunate people out there that can't afford treatment and yet they put this much treatment to aid some fucking idiot


Wow, he basically slid through napalm. You'd think they'd have paid attention in history and chemistry when the subject was killing people and blowing stuff up.


Napalm burns at 2,200 degrees (fahrenheit.) If that tool in the video had been engulfed in flames at that temperature, I seriously doubt he'd have left the scene in anything other than a bodybag.


What an IDIOT!!


That's uberly retarded


The good thing is : stupid people always get hurt


The bad is they often hurt others too.


Wow. I've done some pretty retarded fucking shit in my life, but god damn. Sliding through fire??? What the fuck did he think was gonna happen??????


This is why Jackass told people countless times NOT to do shit like this. They tried warning, and it fell upon deaf ears.


"your skin's like, totally melting off, dude"


Water hose?


Even I'M speechless on this one!

You've GOT to Love the comments left on "YouTube"!

This is my favorite:

"...Darwin, this is proof that your theories suck..."



Sure, the dude got flambe'd, but how stupid would it be if he didn't?

I mean realy, if you can't get wasted and burn yourself half to death, what CAN you do right? Especialy with that many people helping.

I think the guy is a chronic underachiever.


If that was napalm, they only would have had to spend a few grand on the funeral. You can't put Napalm out.


Holy fuck! I almost wish I hadn't watched that.


That makes me so very, very sad. There had to have been at least 10-15 people there, and none of them thought 'hey, all that flammable liquid is gonna stick to his skin, causing him to flame up more than Richard Simmons in his shortest of shorts'.

And as Mufasa said, a friggin' water hose? Honestly, that's the best you could do when playing with a fucking 20' length of fire that some jackass is going to slide through?

I may not have fully lost faith in humanity, but this--along with the obesity chart thread--has left me dumbfounded.


Yeah, that video just pissed me off.


Heavy metal music, gratuitous use of the "f" word, chuggin whiskey, and smart friends standing by. Good times, Good times. Somewhere in this world, their is a proud father of that daring stuntman.

Hopefully the dumb SOB burnt his balls off so his genetic material won't further contaminate the human race.


I don't know what you're trying to say here. It's not like because he got treatment, someone else won't. They didn't tell some old lady with cancer that she can't get help because this guy's bill is too much. Only person he hurt was himself