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Idiot Needs Help with Straps


Hi, im David and im an idiot.

Right now that the obvious part is out of the way I have a question thats probably going to make most of you roll your eyes. I am however stuck and cant fond any answers using the search bar so I give in and am going to ask.

I dont like DL'ing with am alternate grip as I dont want to tear a bicep or create a in-balance so like most normal people Ive turned too chalk/ grip training and finally straps to help my double overhand grip.

Ive been using straps for the last 3 DL workouts but im still having major issues holding onto the bar, if anything the straps are actually making it harder to hold onto the bar during the pull.

My question, is it possible that im sooooo retarded im using the straps wrong(I simply loop them around the bar twice and hold onto them, while their attached to my wrist) or my drip just needs an awful lot more training?


make sure you loop them under the bar and tighten them towards you, as opposed to over the bar and away from you.
I see guys dropping deadlifts in my gym all the time when the straps aint on right


I just added straps and couldn't figure out the damn things either.



Thanking yall:)


Did you buy them at Golds Gym? If so, take them back and buy a good pair...I got a piece of shit pair from there when I fucked up my finger and still wanted to deadlift, and they were so short that they couldn't be used...Probably ok for most of Gold's Gym clientele I would imagine--don't need an extra strong grip for 120 pound lat pulldowns...

Otherwise, i dunno what to tell ya


Seriously use an alternate grip.. Your other lifts with thank you later.. Just alternate which hand is reversed
From workout to workout.. I'm guessing since you're in the newbies section that tearing a bicep is a nowhere in your immediate list of concerns.. Unless youre superhuman strong already.


You will get more grip strength from this than Anything else which will increase
Strength on all your lifts.


He's right on with that. I use to think like you and just use a double-overhand grip because I had read somewhere about tearing biceps with the alternate grip, probably Muscle and Fantasy so I should've known better in the first place. I switched to an pronate / supinate grip and the deadlift has been better for me, then I just alternate the hands each set.


Thanks for the info guys, I suppose I was just really overthinking a tiny detail and freaking out over it.

Swole much love for the great info and VT, naw there just cheap ass ones from ebay. I think there about 12 inchs or so. There enough of them too loop the bar at least 3 times so there not that bad.

I suppose if my grip is the issue I should really be grip training and not relying on things like straps.


Honestly most guys who tear biceps do so due to chemical enhancement anyhow.


if grip is the issue, i would think resorting to straps would make things worse. Your grip will never watch up if you use straps all the time.

I use chalk and a double overhand grip until i reach 3 plates, or can't hold onto the bar anymore, then i switch over to mixed grip. I try to make it as difficult as i can for my grip, so that its forced to improve.

Just remember to squeeze the shit out of the bar. When the set becomes longer than your grip can handle, just switch hands over/under


when you guys are talking about double overhand grip do you mean hook grip or not?

i basically hook grip everything (oly lifter). but i have wondered if not hook gripping might help my grip strength...


Most likely true? I know we would never "know", but I'm intrigued. Always have a little fear when I pull heavy.


i actually use straps when i get heavy since the mixed grip was uncomfortable for me and it just relieves my mind. One thing to keep in mind is you should prob be able to pull about the same mixed grip as you do with straps. I know for me i can pull the same either way, but i prefer to use straps, especially since im an athlete so i hate any small tweaks i get from mixed grip


Only use straps when your grip can no longer hack it. Dont use them on warm-ups. That way you still work your grip but it doesnt limit the max weights you pull.

Make sure you really torque it till you hands feel glued to the bar.

My problem with straps is when setting them up I feel you lose some of the stretch reflex in your glutes/hams which limits power off the floor.