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I’m trying hopelessly to figure out some inside jokes of T-mag, so maybe some of you could help me…

-I’d hit it!- …what the hell?

-What’s your max bench?- …again, what the hell?

Also, what’s up with Crisco and muskrats?

Thanks in advance.

with regards to the I’d hit it!..
I saw two posts with it, so I decided what the hell, it’d be funny to keep it going. My guess is that it’s the same with the rest.
You know what? Turns out it’s funnier than shit.

Come on, T-men. I’m sure that at least SOMEONE knows where these come from…Right?

I’d hit it–MonkeyBoy Eric went on a rampage through the Photo forum one day adding “I’d hit it” to all of the threads.
What’s you max bench?–making fun of Kevin Rice (presumed to have bird legs) who is only concerned with everyone’s max bench.

Yeah, it’s useless to try to figure out just exactly what’s going through the semi-simian’s brain at any given time - you just have to hang on and go for the ride.

As for the other guy, who I won’t mention by name except to say that he’s Kevin Rice, he seems to have a fetish for man-breasts. So much so that people have started making fun of him…

“I’d hit it” is slang for “I’d have sex with him/her/it/whatever the thing is in question.” Go back and check out where MBE posted “I’d hit it” during his first rampage and you’ll see why it’s so funny.

Ah excellent, thanks. So what’s up with those bloody muskrats anyway?