IDFPA National Powerlifting Championships 2010

A strange day for me…

Weighed in at 99.2kg/218lb - sweet.

290kg/640lb x - miss by stepping back at the top
290kg/640lb x - miss on depth
290kg/640lb good - pressure lift, got it very strongly

195kg/430lb x - miss on; starting too soon, lifting my head and dipping on the way up
195kg/430lb good - smoke show (WDFPF junior world record)
205kg/450lb good - best of the bunch (WDFPF junior world record)

240kg/530lb good - zooooooom
257.5kg/565lb good - smoke show (WDFPF national and euro junior total record)
272.5kg/600lb good - 600lb FINALLY (national and euro junior total record)

767.5kg/1,691lb @100kg/220lb - around 30kg/65lb short of what I was capable of today but I was happy to pull together a full meet after making such a mess of my squats.

Will fill in the deets and post vids later. FINALLY got my 600lb deadlift after an absolute horror show on my squats.

Big thanks to Ger Smith for being the biggest ledge ever and getting me thru the day <33 Massive shout out to Mic G. and Trev K. as well for coming down and giving me a big dig out. Couldn’t have done it without their help.

Well done to everyone who lifted, thanks to the ref’s, spotters, loaders, Chesty, Billy, all the officials and everyone who made the weekend run smoothly.

And for those of you who don’t know, the IDFPA/WDFPF is basically IPF rules, equipment and testing.


Congrats on the records man… Raw or Gear?

Well done sir, congrats on the big pull.

Nice! Saw your prep on youtube.
Competition is where its at!
Razor- obviously with equipment, (‘gear’)

Nice job. What’s up next? You’re in your last year as a junior, right?

There was some big squats that day.

Thanks guys. Not the day I was hoping for, but finished reasonably well!!

[quote]Ruggerlife wrote:
Nice job. What’s up next? You’re in your last year as a junior, right?[/quote]

Last comp as a junior yup. Gonna spend at least 1 year weightlifting, go down to 94kg and see what sorta damage I can do there. Started training today, be interesting to see how I get on. Will probs do a bench comp later this year tho. Shoot for 220kg.

Here’s a vid of the day’

[quote]Hanley wrote:
Here’s a vid of the day’

Some good deadlifting man, lol @ Billy looking around at 1:55

nice lifting mate. Les Pilling lifted at the unequipped BDFPA’s on sunday. Fucking tore it up with 230/140/270 @ m? 125’s