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Identity Crisis in the Powder Form


I recieved 2 orders a couple months ago through my chinese friend that I have always recieved good product and great service. I opened the package containing a powder that was supposed to oxymetholone. I whipped up a brew of 50mg/ml of oral solution and added that to my cycle of 750mg enanth e.w. and 600 deca e.w..

Ok so two weeks go by, and I havent gainned a singel f'n pound. My diet is impeccable, approx 5000 low fat calories a day roughly 2 gallons water/ gatorade a day, and a minimum of 250gr protien 90 grams of which come from supplemental intakes... bars, muscle milk. Im taking 50mg of anadrol 3 times a day for 2 weeks and all I notice is that I am getting all cut and chisled. Ok, so i verify with my chinese friend that the numerically marked packages are micronized stanzonal, and oxymetholone. I go ahead and open the other package that was marked with the number that is supposed to be stanzonal. I compare the 2 powders and see that indeed I had mixed the powder that was much finer.

My assumption was that it was indeed the micronized stanzonal, and not the oxymetholone that I thought I was taking. OK so I am a little pissed but get over it. So I brew up the "oxymetholone" and decide oh what the hell I just want to see what it does for the next two weeks, (knowing that I cant do a full cycle now due to liver toxicity) and well the two weeks go by and once again i dont gain a fucking pound, nor do I really gain any stregnth. JUst sore joints and alot of fatigue. (I am 35 yrs old 6' 240lbs) When I compare the powders side by side, they both have the exact same smell, and the powders in 1 are very fine, I did see the results I would expect from winstrol, the other I didnt see any results but sore joints irritability and thats all..

I have been cycling on and off for 6yrs and have never had bad powder before from my chinese friend. Anyone of any insite on anandrol and results, or the simularities between the smells of stanzonal and oxymetholone (wondering if i got two packages of winstrol instead of what i ordered) is it possible to not gain water weight while taking anadrol? any opinions and insite would be very much appreciatted


Sounds like a double of the stan powder. Sore joints and zero lbs gained no strength increase


that is what I am leaning towards. Only being seasoned with the basic enanthates and nandrolone decanate, it is just playing a guessing game. Well I know that stanzonal is not my thing, it definetly made my joints sore and I think it makes me a bit irritable too.... even sending the stuff to a lab is far more expensive then the product itself.... maybe my chinese friend will make it right one way or another


Increasing problems with our Chinese friends. Less likely that resolutions are amiable. The good one[s] used to try to resolve errors. I heard less so these days. Good Luck.


From what I hear you could expect to gain up to a pound of day from anadrol ( I have no experience with it) so yeah, your observations and experiences would definetly indicate winstrol.


the crazy thing is that my friend from china said,

Dear Mr.Andy,
How are you?
Sorry to reply you late.
As to Oxymetholone(Anadrol),we remembered that you once said the effection is worse than Stanozolol (Winstrol) ,so on the basis,we made the decision to offer you 100gs of Stanozolol (Winstrol) instead of Anadrol in free.And we will also pay for the shipping cost,meanwhile,the anadrol which you holding on your hand now,we don't want you to re-send back to us,because it's will waste your time and your energy and your money,we thought is useless to argue about Anadrol whether is real or not now,we just want to solve this problem,maybe this problem is not the problem for both of us,and then make the good service for you.

As to temoxifen citrate and test enan which you inquired,we suggest you after you receive Stanozolol which we send to you again,then you can check the quality,and then to make the decision whether you still want to place the order to us,and go on our cooperation.But if you still want to place the order to us,we welcome!But if you don't want,it's doesn't matter,we still be the friends in the future.We also welcome you to inquire us the products if you want.

This is our suggestion as above,if you agree,we'll arrange the 100gs Stanozolol(Winstrol) in coarse powder to you as soon as possible,is free.
Your valuable comments would be highly appreciated.
Best regards.

He is a very good business man....and all the other products I have recieved is good quality.... but I stick to the basics...... so I am very suprised that he took the responsibility of making sure that he made it right!!!! I still wish that I knew forsure what that other shit was...... but I have to agree with you all, that it is stanzonal


Nice. Yeah sometimes they really do stand up and hook you up right. Sometimes they dont however