Identifying Fakes

Going to start a cycle soon and I want to do this right.

As much as I’ve read, a PCT is a must. Due to the penalties - or lack thereof - surrounding SERMs, it seems that there are mostly legitimate products out there for Nolvadex. However, this cannot be said about the sources.

When I found one out of Australia, they only took Western Union. I was fine with that, until I received an email to send the payment to someone in Turkey. Last I checked, Australia was nowhere near…

Then, I turned a research chem sites and found that their security certificates were either expired or non-existent and wanted to take my credit card number.

From these sites, how can I truly determine a legit source?


well, i believe there are some steroid drug testing kits available now… i can’t post a link to them, but they are out there.

another way to test, is in checking your bloodwork while you’re using the products.

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its not unusual for money to be sent to a different country than where the source is. I’ve sent money to china for a domestic source.

There are some good “pharmacies” on line that sell real pharmaceuticals. They use WU for payment as well though but to their location.


All I can say is, welcome to the black market. It’s really just about trial and error for the most part, unfortunately. You’re dealing with illegal products. You may get fucked over from time to time. This is to be expected. As cyco suggested, bloodwork or testing kits are your best bet. But regardless, you’re out the money either way. Everyone is likely to get fucked over in some way, at some point. You just have to hope money is all you lose.

  • Start a phd or a master in a lab
  • Get a sample of your gear
  • Stay late to ‘‘work’’
  • Dissolve your sample into the appropriate carrier liquid and put in the HPLC
  • Get your gear chromatography spectrum from the internet and compare
  • Your supervisor finds out, get expelled
  • ???
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this is your best post of all time.