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Identify This Machine

Does anyone know the name or manufacturer of the plate loaded back extension thingy Dave Tate is using in the above video?

Its a Back Attack, you can purchase from westside-barbell.com

Back Attack

A ground based standing back extension machine that works the back just like a good morning or romanian deadlift. It is adjustable for all sized athletes.

$ 3,350.00 * Shipping call for quote *
(614) 801-2060

Looks like a machine for doing good mornings.

[quote]joburnet wrote:
Looks like a machine for doing good mornings.[/quote]

My thoughts exactly. One of the coaches at my WL club wants one, and I can’t see why, but $3300 + s/h to Europe is a pretty good reason not to get one.

Thanks for the help :slight_smile: