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Identify Flaws in This Physique


if you can...

name one.


Small legs. GG


Legs, arms, forearms, delts could be better...haven't seen the back yet, so idk.


also he was in peak condition yr round.


this is a stupid fucking thead but i scanned the pic and saw the same weaknesses as you, arms shoulders, forearms popped out as weaker bodyparts. that said he's in good shape no doubt but WTF is w/ threads like this here in the BB forum.


The flaw is that it doesn't look like this.


nope. delts were legit and he had an incredible set of traps


I understand this individual (recently deceased) was a big internet 'hero' to a lot of online, non-competing folks, but while his physique is okay in terms of everyday individuals, or even in terms of Men's Physique contests, you're asking an online community via this 'bodybuilding' forum to look at someone who is lacking everywhere in terms of size, as well as the proportions typically regarded in bodybuilding competition. OP, you're not going to be happy no matter what anyone says unless it's a full blown praise of his build.



out of respect for the mighty stu, i will shut up if that's what you want. no homo.

i suppose i'm just wondering why tremendous size is always a pre-req for a good physique. the lines of his physique were unreal. see attached. won't post any more pics.


Well said. Zyzz is a great dude, who did a lot for the 'lifestyle' -- I know he was really popular on the gaming forums, bringing kids out from 24-hour-a-day gaming sessions and actually making them want to get involved in the gym.

To them, this dude was a god...but to real bodybuilders that have been devoting their lives to this, he's just a fit dude that has good genetics and room to build a whole lot of size.


Well yea, but he asked for 1 flaw. "Legs" is heavy enough of an answer. Follow the rules, guys


Leanness is not impressive. How long does it take someone to reach his bf? A couple months. How long does it take to reach impressive Muscle mass? Years -> Decades. In terms of BB, he wouldnt hold a candle to anyone above Complete/utter Novice.


yep probably pretty small arms these days as well.....


Lacking upper chest. I know this guy was a hero to some here, but acting like he had no flaws just means every statement in this thread not yelling praise is just upsetting the OP.

Being a fan boy doesn't mean you understand bodybuilding.


Lean = Easy
Big = Work


It's not. It's a pre req to win a major bodybuilding show.

Make an argument not based on false premises

Non sequitors are reason 99% of arugments/disagreements on the internet exist.


Yeah getting lean is really a piece of cake, thats why you had such an easy time preparing for your sh--OH WAIT...

The dude looked great, a classic "pussy-pulling" physique if you will. He looks better year-round than anyone here, with the exception of MadTitan, KingBeef, OneMoreRep and maybe 1-2 others I'm forgetting.

Besides, a LEAN muscular physique is what's impressive. You can be "full-house" or whatever permabulkers are calling it these days, but you just wont have that "Wow!" factor. If you are big and not lean, you'll just be confused for a fat guy or maybe a football player if you're lucky.

How much does MadTitan weigh? Maybe, 180 or so? Put him next to any one of us, even those outweighing him by 50-75 pounds, and he'll make any of us look like shit.


Madtitan has good muscle bellies and small joints. I hate it when people just look at body weight alone. I doubt most here are his height either.

Akuma was just stating that being lean alone is not impressive. The guy in the OP had flaws. We've listed some of them.

This is a bodybuilding forum. Building that size is a big factor here, not just getting a "pussy pulling" physique. Rely on your personality for that.


And so it begins....

I'm already guessing lack of pictures and user name references are gonna be used for this brewing interwebz beef.

I could be wrong though and someone takes the "high road". But I doubt it.


Ok, but what is bodybuilding? Getting as big as you possibly can? Or is it sculpting your body to look as good as you can?

MadTitan looked impressive, partly because of his structure, but also because of how lean he was. More muscle mass would not necessarily make him look better.

Too many people here downplay the difficulties of growing lean while retaining muscle mass...it is NOT easy, which is why so few people do it.