Since GH and androgens like testosterone are synergistic , I have been trying a cycle based on a couple ideas . I’ve done Androsol by itself with good results . I read a research article that Glutamine< 5g in soda water ( sodium bicarbonate) can cause a 400% GH spike for 1-1.5 hours if taken 45mins after a meal . Also since there may be some rate limiting enzymes with prohormone conversion to T ( I know its active on it’s own too ) I am doing 35 Androsol and 35 Nandrosol a.m. only week one and 70 androsol week 2 and back to combo then androsol. The glutamine and sodium bicarb I take between meals/shakes . Anyway 1 week in and I’m up 5lbs BUT LEANER ! The research article was on the Lifeandsport site and Asol and Nsol from here of course . Anyone else with variations on the usual topical cycles that worked well ?

Just a quick question - how are you mixing up the glutamine with the sodium bicarb.? what’s your ratio of glutamine, water, and sodium bicarb.? Since they do act as synergists, that was great thinking on your part. Please keep us posted. Thanks!

In the research article they used 2g in 10oz of a typical carbonated soda . I am using 5g in 10oz of club soda between meals .

Interesting…how many times a day do you take this stuff? I’m about to recieve some Glutacene (L-Glutamine 2700mg, L-Leucine 2200mg, L-Isoleucine 700mg, Valine 2150mg) and I just might give it a go with this stuff. Keep posting your results. I just came off an a-sol cycle, so I’ll try to report in on how this idea goes on its own. peace, RM


Tried to post but I might have screwed up . Anyway , I’m takng the glutamine and soda 4/day . Rubberman I don’t think GH does too much on its own but combining your stuff with soda might increase bioavailability ( buffer) . I take glutacene ( 5-10g) too preworkout with two grams taurine and sip the same during workouts .Along with my ephedrine and caffiene pre I get crazy pumps even when dieting . chow bro