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Ideas to Get as Lean as Possible

I have a trip to Australia in mid Oct and would like to be the leanest I have ever been. I was wondering what tips, tweaks, methods, or programming ideas you used to get as lean as you are now?

TY as always

Do some research on a Ketogenic diet. This is one of the fastest surest ways to drop body fat if done correctly.

Cut your rest periods. “Density” lifting programs are good guides, and “star complexes” for squats. I once did a 21 day squat challenge and gained seven kilograms while being complimented on losing weight.

Intermittent fasting, fasted training (periworkout or bcaa’s) and EC stack. And heavy weight density stuff as described above

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IF is really effective at dropping body-weight (but be careful of not losing lean mass - but you should be fine).

If cardio/fasted training works well for fat-loss is heavily debated, some say yes, some say no - I say it really really depends. It depends on - especially - if you use any sups/drugs, but it also depends on your carbohydrate manipulation. If you enter the fasted training but still have filled glycogen storages then it won’t work that well - that is if you carbed up the night before a morning session. On the other hand, if you enter the fasted cardio with lower glycogen stores, do some hiit to release fatty acids and then straight afterwards to some low intensity cardio (could just be walking for a while), then that is a completely different setup - but both end up in the “fasted cardio” category, but obviously not the same at all.

A lot of good advices above. But the MOST important element was neglected:

Eat to make your body as healthy as possible. If it’s not, it will fight you during fat loss process.

Specifically I’m talking about reducing the acid load on your body and fighting low grade systemic inflammation.

Both impair most metabolic processes including fat loss and muscle growth.

For years I made my progress much harder than it should have been (of course I didn’t realize it at the time) by only thinking in term of carbs, protein and fats.

So before thinking about intermittent fasting or a ketogenic diet, do the following:

  1. Eat a lot more green veggies than anything else, and have them in ALL of your meals.

  2. Replace meat by fish. In fact most of your protein should come from fish and eggs (start with half white fish and half salmon and as the diet progresses switch to all white fish and shrimps). Basically avoid meat (because it is pro-inflamatory) and only have chicken occasionally.

  3. Take a “GREENS” supplement like SUPERFOOD twice a day.

  4. Drop all grains except rice in a moderate amount.

  5. Pineapple, mangoes and berries are good choices for carbs but obviously stick to a decent daily carbs amount.

  6. Take CURCUMIN 3x per day with meal along with a fish oil.

  7. I would suggest a lowish carbs approach… maybe 100-150g of carbs per day to start with and add MCT oil for energy if needed

  8. Drink 15g of sodium bicarbonate (arm and hammer) in the morning and evening. I mix mine in water with some sugar free flavoring.

  9. The only nuts you can take are almonds

  10. Avoid dairy products

  11. Your only shake should be your peri-workout drink


This is phenomenal thank you all

Great stuff.

What problems do nuts cause?

phenomonal stuff indeed CT. this is some real insight, and can provide 50%-300% improvement in gains.

no exaggeration here (ok #'s a little stretched) but it is truly night and day.

i can’t say for drugged lifters as I’ve never taken drugs, but for myself (and several friends i semi “train”) the diet makes all the difference.

the stuff CT said, each line contains nuggets of wisdom that I’ve corroborated over the years (used to be obessive about this and now it is autoregulated).

for instance:

  • The best I’ve ever looked is after binging on white fish, some greens (brocoli or spinnach satueed with coconut oil), and massive amounts of mangos/pineapple/watermelon.

-However if i do the above for too long, I feel flat and can’t put on “size” as easily (though that may just be more fluff/water/inflammation from processed foods, grains etc.)

-White rice and sweet potatoes are pretty amazing in terms of filling out muscles without ever seeming to make me fat, regardless of how much I eat.

-Too high fat diets make me fat, I don’t buy the ketogenic thing (but I’ve been pretty lean for years so maybe it’s different for thos who are trying to do massive fat loss)

-Fasted training + bcaa’s gives me a very shredded/stringy look, BUT I have to do high intensity and relatively controlled volume training. Meaning when I get carried away with doing too many reps I end up looking smaller the next day. This does not seem to be the case when I have a shitload of calories/plazma.

-EC is really pretty incredible with IF. I haven’t done it for 1 year now, but when I did EC i awlays felt invincible and walking around in fasted state during the day I would just get absolute shredded (veins on lower abs and stuff). Felt great, but probably not sustainable (my nerves felt weird, and had sleep issues)

-Not sure about avoiding dairy, as greek yogurt/casein fluff with berries before bed was a staple for gains/shredding

-NUts can be easily overdone. These things are dangerous, especiallywhen salted. I can go through half a jug (costco size) in one sitting and then i feel bloated afterwards, and definitely fatter.

-The meat replaced with fish thing is interesting. I wonder how CT stumbled on this.
Red meat (lean steak) always gave me that size/filled look. White fish gave me that aesthetic, peeled look .

Lol, i’m not anywhere near competition leanness but can still tell difference, apologies for the ramble but thread got me excited

*having posted this I do just have to note those shredded black (mostly) guys who eat fast food/drink processed fruit juices all day.

They do mcondalds, KFC and some fruit juices, maybe ramen. And are shredded (often times jacked as well). I don’t know if that is genetics.

Or maybe something magical about the high fat/protein/carb/sodium combo ONLY if already lean…


What about Mag10 pulses in the morning or before bed with your approach? Is it better rely on solid food in some situations?
How could we manage supperfood twice to not interfere with indigo?

Genetics mostly, but also a caloric deficit. Often these guys have one solid meal a day (fast food) which might have 1500 calories and have some snacks and juice/soft drink… often totalling under 3000 (or even 2500) calories per day. They are fairly muscular, active (playing sports, walking instead of driving, some train) and have good genetics so they likely burn more fuel than that. If you consume a deficit you will not gain fat even if you eat crap. Doesn’t mean that you will be healthy or will be able to reach very low level of body fat.

Sigil, your big problem is that you constantly seem to look at what others re doing instead of looking at what works for you. You re a small Asian dude, what a large afro-american does is likely not relevant to you.

And don’t forget that plenty of people smoke 2 packs a day and drank alcohol and lived to be 90+, doesn’t mean that its a good lifestyle for most.

Pulses are very effective. But honestly I would get the diet in order first.

The plan didn’t mention Indigo. If someone wants to use it, I would keep the superfood serving to one a day. Personally it had no negative impact on the efficacy of Indigo.

Would it be acceptable to add quinoa to the list of grains in addition to rice (I think it might actually be considered a seed)? High in protein, good source of carbs, minerals, and low acidity. and very low allergenic unlike oatmeal and stuff like that.

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Am wondering the same thing. Maybe Quinoa and fish for breakfast when training at 11 AM?

Haha good points CT, I’m not seeking other methods though - just like this stuff, observing, experimenting.

So if you were a small asian like me how would you train/eat (goal maximizing size/leanness) ?

Quinoa is fine. I don’t like the taste myself which is why it slipped my mind

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Nice try! I can help but I don’t like being asked to feed answers

CT, in your experience can the pro-inflammatory stop fat loss? what are the effects?

I ask because I am in the middle of a cut and about 4 weeks ago my progress stopped. I looked at my food logs and the only difference was beef roasts and peanut flour. I even dropped 200 extra calories but, still no fat loss. When both products finished I decided not to purchase again and the fat loss continued.

I am back to eating 2500-2600 calories a day at 184lbs pretty lean and making progress.

I eat only chicken and eggs. I wonder if adding fish would help.