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Ideas on Injury?


A couple of months ago, I had a minor little lifting accident while I was trying to determine my maximum
BP. Lets just say I now know EXACTLY how much is too much. For the record, I made 235, and missed 240. Of course, its signifigantly lower now.

Basically, I missed the lift, just couldnt get it - my spotter got a little excited and when he rushed into save me, he pushed the bar horizontilly towards my waist. We got the weight up, and everything was fine for about an hour till my shoulder started to stiffen up. Ive had signifigant pain in the front of my shoulder muscle since then, even if Im not using it.

Anyway, after 12 weeks of no lifting at all, I still have difficulty pressing any kind of weight at all. I can "maybe" bench 100 lbs and then it aches for 3 or 4 days. Any more than that is just impossible.

My ex - Dr was especially useless as a resource. His diagnosis was to roll his eyes when I told him how I hurt myself and told me he would look at it in a couple of weeks if it didnt get better.

Well, Im clearly not dropping another co-pay so that he can be a wiseass, and I havent bothered to pick a new doctor yet, I was wondering if anyone here had any idea just what Ive managed to do to myself?


Ok, probably an anterior delt strain or tear. I had one as well, 3 yrs ago. I would go ASAP to a Sports Med Dr or a chiro who knows Active Realease Technique.

And, instead of doing any presses or benches for now, IF you can do back or arms and certainly legs&core...do them. I think rows and back work absolutely helped my shoulders/chest. I work with sets of 225-245 on the bench and I seated row a little more than that. I also overhead press 145 for sets of 4 - balance!

Also, take Flameout or O3s, minerals, etc. Hope that helps. Drs. like drugs and cutting. Stay away if you can.


Here's my experience with ligament injuries. I would expect the healing to take something from 6 to 12 months. Use really light weights (pink dumbells) and as wide a ROM as you can without excess pain. A little bit of pain during excercise is acceptable. Don't try to hurry things up, it wont work. Patience.


Could be a suplocation of the shoulder joint - ie not a full dislocation, where the bone goes back into the spot it is meant to go once the force is removed. It can happen and you don't notice the pain for an hour or so, then it frikking hurts, and it hurts sporadically every so often for weeks or months. It does take awhile to heal fully. And, maybe it never will without surgery to tighten it - which they can do with lasers these days to shrink the joint.

I would not worry too much, but I would go easy on it for a few months, take care of nutrition, put your focus on other exercises, and maybe focus more on the L-flyes and other things that strengthen the shoulder and stop it happening in the future.

And maybe see a doctor about it, just to be sure, if it is continuing to be a problem.

Remember the joints are some of the toughest parts of your body, they don't heal overnight.


Do as I say, not as I do qualifier here: if it is still hurting you after three months, you need to get it looked at by somebody who knows what they are looking at.

I have f'd up both shoulders benching, but nothing that hurt for that long. In my case, I have trashed both of my rotator cuffs on bench. I found that if I sucked up my pride for a couple of workouts, lifting light and keeping my form tight, I could work through it and get back to business in a few weeks. If you can't do this at all, you need to find a more sports oriented doctor or ART practitioner. Non-sports docs will totally shine you on.


Thanks for all of the advice guys. Its been helpful.

Things appear to be looking up, wife gave me a golds gym membership for valentines day (I wonder what shes trying to say?)

Anyway, Ive tried some LIGHT lifting using some of the fancy schmancy stuff at golds and Ive been relatively pain free. I can almost see a light at the end of the tunnel.

As a bonus, figuring out all of the equipment is probably going to qualify me for a degree in mechanical engineering.